Stunning Swedish Apartment In Natural Materials And Shades

This stunning apartment in Sweden is so stylish and so beautiful that it’s difficult to find right words to describe it! The interior is calm, natural and very beautiful where every detail is important, highlighted and makes it harmonious. Living room inspired by its fireplace decorated with marble – fire in such a cold material looks special, and pebble floor cushions are to the point. I love the simple white couch, open shelves and a work of art which attracts attention by its expressivity in the simple décor. Modern light kitchen and dining zone are very inviting and cozy; white marble bathroom is simple, stylish and classical- such décor never goes out of style. Lots of natural light and natural wood add warm touches to this amazing space, and the terrace should be mentioned – it looks as if you are in some Toscana village. Fantastic!

Source: nicety, karlavagen76

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