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Stylish And Colorful Walk In Closet Design Inspiration

Wed, Nov 16, 2011 | Closet | By Kate

This girl is to be envied for sure! Have a look at the walk-in-closet in that she turned the master bedroom that belongs to her and her husband. The closet is bright, full of colors – blue, chocolate brown, yellow and white with black. A small sofa is put for her husband, I think – to wait till she chooses a right outfit for any occasion. The space is stylish and breathes with the art of fashion. Here she even stores her jewelry - in chef’s pinch dishes, it’s a very unusual way that shows the creativity and imagination of the owner. The style is completed by the books by Chanel, vogue and so on. The only thing it lacks is a vanity perhaps, but anyway the space is cool and colorful, it’s a great place to get dressed.

Source: decorology

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