Swedish House Design with A Large Balcony – Plastic House by UNIT Arkitektur AB

Plastic House is located in a pure residential area just outside Göteborg, Sweden. It’s designed UNIT Arkitektur AB on the place of an old detached house. Even though the sea is near by, most people do not see it from the public spaces where they spend most of their time. That happend because of the nearby neighbor’s house that is obstructing the view and the Swedish building regulation which states that a kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom must be accessible for a disabled person. The house is made of simple materials and thanks to that is quite large even though the budget isn’t too big. The ground floor’s facades are clad with the most swedish of facades – the sawn spruce panelling. The upper floor, where public areas are, is clad with a flawless and proper facade material – 5 mm translucent white acrylic plastic or PMMA. A large balcony with a pragmatic steel construction and cheap railing compensates for the lack of outdoor space in connection to the living room.

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