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60 Amazing 4th July Wreaths For Your Front Door

Thu, Jun 27, 2013 | Decorating

Independence Day is a national holiday, important for every person in the country. 4th of July wreath is a must have for any door because everyone should know that we love this holiday and it’s coming not only to our homes but also to our hearts. There are thousands of DIY ideas of a wreath to make; stripes, stars, blue, red and white are the necessary...Continue Reading...

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53 Cool 4th July Centerpieces In National Colors

Tue, Jun 25, 2013 | Decorating

Independence Day is near and we all will gather with friends and family and enjoy the holiday. A centerpiece is a necessary décor piece for any table, and you can make it of anything or buy a ready one but, of course, it should be patriotic – in national colors! Flags, ribbon, crackers and stars in red, blue and white put into some jar are simple and...Continue Reading...

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19 Paper Decoration Ideas For The 4th of July

Tue, Jul 3, 2012 | Other

Lanterns and garlands are an indispensable part of any holiday. The 4th of July is, of course, no exception. On this day the decorations should be in the national colors and don’t forget the stars and stripes! The decorations can be various: paper umbrellas, stars garlands, lanterns and door wreaths of different shapes. Paper is the best choice in this...Continue Reading...


13 Cool Ideas of 4th of July Table Decorations

Mon, Jul 2, 2012 | Other

The 4th of July is very close and if you still hesitate how to design your Independence Day table, these ideas may be useful for you. The main idea is to design the table in the national colors and with traditional stars, and you can vary this point as you like: put the flag on the table, a strawberry pie and blue tableware, colorful berries as food and...Continue Reading...


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