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Amazing Black And White Bathroom Design With A Retro Vibe

Tue, Oct 28, 2014 | Bathroom designs

This stunning black and white bathroom with a retro vibe is a nice example of how a classic space could look. Every detail here is super stylish and looks amazing: white tiles on the walls and white ceiling are complemented with black and white floor with a stylish pattern. I especially love the appliances – they are all retro and look amazingly elegant....Continue Reading...

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51 Cool Black And White Bathroom Design Ideas

Wed, Aug 22, 2012 | Other |

Black and white is a quite popular color theme nowadays. You can easily use it in a bathroom to make it look contemporary and stylish. That is easy thanks to the fact that the most bathroom fixtures are white. The perfect thing is that black and white are so contrasting colors that they easily make a bold statement by themselves. You even won’t need a...Continue Reading...


Cool Black And White Bathroom Design With a Huge Custom Made Bathtub

Thu, Jun 10, 2010 | Bathroom designs

This black and white bathroom could easily be characterized as luxury, spacious, stylish and smart. It is designed by a fashion designer Susanne Søllund who lives on the Danish island Bornholm. The idea was to create the space that would be as inviting as a living room. In order to achieve that the mix of Neo-baroque and Japanese minimalism was chosen...Continue Reading...


Modern Black and White Bathroom Design from Noken

Tue, Jan 19, 2010 | Bathroom designs

Below you could to admire on a modern bathroom design, which is made in a popular and very trendy black and white color scheme. This bathroom is quite sober, that’s why such design could ideally fit for men. Although it could be good for all other people who appreciate modern style and don’t like warm and bright interiors. The bathroom looks very...Continue Reading...


Black and White Bathroom Taps and Shower Heads – Soffi by Bongio

Wed, Dec 2, 2009 | Bathroom Appliances

Complete line of elegant taps and fittings from Soffi collection by Bongio has been created to enrich any black and white bathroom. Charming taps and shower heads are made of Murano glass and stand out by refine shapes. They perfectly demonstrate a deep sense of style of this Italian company and could add fashionable and sophisticated touch to any bathroom....Continue Reading...


Beautiful Wall Tiles For Black And White Bathroom – York by NovaBell

Tue, Jul 14, 2009 | Ceramic tiles

York is a new concept of ceramic wall tiles by Italian company NovaBell. This collection is created for those people who dream about black and white bathroom design. This collection consists of three main types of tiles which differ by relief: Skin, Deco and Slide. The Skin surface looks like crocodile skin and it is ideal to add a touch of glamour and...Continue Reading...


Black and White Modular Bathroom Vanity – Inka Project from Kerasan

Inka Project designed by Massimillano Cicconi is the latest addition to Kerasan’s Acqua Libre collection of modular furniture and sanity ware for bathroom. As usual with modular systems, new products are highly customizable and would be able to find their place in every bathroom. Although with it colors it would be best for black and white bathroom...Continue Reading...


Black and White Bathroom Design Inspirations

Sophisticated elegance with modern style is what come in mind when people decorate rooms in black and white colors. Bathroom is one of those places in the home where black and white are most easy to apply. White ceramic is always there (although it also could be black) so everything you need is to chose right furniture and accessories. Many companies which...Continue Reading...


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