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Head Or Tails Collection For Your Dog By Nendo

Wed, Oct 30, 2013 | Pet friendly ideas

Your four-legged friends will be happy more than ever with this Heads or Tails collection by Japanese design studio Nendo. It consists of a range of transformable accessories for dogs: a dog bed, dishes and toys, all of which can be used in two ways. The pieces are constructed of triangular panels connected in polygon mesh to be stable in different shapes....Continue Reading...


Modern Indoor Dog Bowls Made of Zebrawood Veneer

Thu, Aug 5, 2010 | Pet friendly ideas

If you’re one of those persons who like stylish pets accessories like Pod pet bed or ModKat litter box and have a dog living indoors then you definitely need a stylish bowl for your little friend. Zebrawood bend dog bowls is a cute and simple choice for you. There are singe and double bowl holders both made of bending birch and zebrawood veneer with...Continue Reading...


Modern Dog Bowls – Wild by Gaia & Gino

Sat, Sep 12, 2009 | Pet friendly ideas

Usual dog dinnerware doesn’t look very attractive and easy could spoil any modern room design. For those people who like dogs, but aren’t ready to make their stylish interior worse Gaia & Gino offers its collection of dog bowls – Wild. These food and water bowls have the sculptural shapes are inspired by river rock and reflecting the paradox...Continue Reading...

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