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Posts tagged "extravagant apartment design"

Colorful Unusual Apartment In A Mix Of Styles

Fri, Dec 23, 2011 | Contemporary home designs

This apartment in Brazil is done in a crazy mix of styles. The owners like to travel so they took pieces of different cultures and adopted them in a crazy interior. Modern pop-art interior is supplemented with statues from India, Thailand and Egypt, traditional Chinese furniture and Dutch souvenirs. Lots of colors and various pieces of various cultures make...Continue Reading...


Luxury Apartment In Style Of Palaces To Feel Like A Monarch

Wed, Jul 27, 2011 | Luxury home designs

This apartment is located in the historical quarter of Turin and keeps memories about Emperor Napoleon III who had been there according to the legend. The interior is done in classical style; it makes you think of antique history, Renaissance and French Restoration. Soft furniture of crimson velvet, tables and sideboards with incrustation – the designers...Continue Reading...


Apartment With Interior In Neoclassical Style

This beautiful apartment is located in Moscow, Russia. It was made two-storied as the owners wanted. All the apartment is designed in the same colors but each of the rooms is special in its own way. The center of the first floor is hall with the living room, dining room and the home cinema. The bathroom near the bedroom doesn’t spoil the harmony of the...Continue Reading...


Extravagant Apartment Design

Sat, Feb 28, 2009 | Home design

Would you like to live in the apartment with two big Oscar statues in the living room? That is possible when decorating is made by architect with great sense of humor. This holiday apartment is situated in Miami so the owner has beautiful Atlantic ocean views through the window. The design of the apartment is quite extravagant and bold. Its never become...Continue Reading...


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