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Modern Home Office Collection Of Natural Wood By Team 7

Tue, Sep 18, 2012 | Furniture

What should your home office look like? Vintage or traditional, minimalist or romantic, steampunk or just simple and modern? If you choose the last variant, this furniture collection would suit you for sure. Team 7 presents a series of furniture and accessories suitable for those who spend much time within a home office. Desks, drawers, bookcases that bring...Continue Reading...


34 Most Stylish Minimalist Home Offices You’ll Ever See

Wed, Sep 5, 2012 | Study room designs

Minimalism is very popular in office design today because minimalism doesn’t distract your attention from work, it looks cool and stylish. Designers mostly choose black and white combinations to create such offices – to create a working atmosphere at home. Sleek surfaces, sharp angles, glass and natural materials help to create the style. You may also...Continue Reading...

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Flexible Multifunctional And Money-Saving Office System

Wed, Aug 8, 2012 | Furniture

Functional furniture is comfortable everywhere, no matter if it’s lack of space because of which you buy it, or just to have more functions in one. NINO Office System by Arianna De Luca is a very multifunctional piece that consists of a stand that can support satellite objects which can be assembled easily. It can be used as a hanger for things like an...Continue Reading...


Cozy And Soft Furniture Collection For Your Home Office

Sat, Apr 21, 2012 | Furniture

It’s an absolutely new concept of cozy soft and comfortable furniture for an office by Brazilian designer Nicole Tomazi. The collection is called Fractal. The collection includes an armchair, table and shelving system. The chair and the table are made of fabric, it looks like knitting. It’s very cozy and convenient in using: you can place your pencils...Continue Reading...


Minimalist Colorful Storage Furniture For Home And Office

Tue, Feb 14, 2012 | Furniture

Danish manufacturer Montana Møbler created a collection of modern minimalist storage system. The drawers and doors don’t have any handles, they can be opened and shut with a light pressure on the front. The furniture is available in 42 lacquer colors. The advantage is that of this furniture you can create anything you like – you can take any amount of...Continue Reading...


Minimalist Table And Shelves To Organize A Perfect Work Space – Strata by Mathieu Lehanneur

Thu, Jan 26, 2012 | Tables

Strates by Mathieu Lehanneur is an absolutely new look on shelves and how they should look. It’s a n office desk with shelves that can be configured in various combinations to “structure space with its simple but unique graphic presence.” It’s an ideal minimalist concept: simple material, no details, stylish look. “Deeply intuitive...Continue Reading...

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Hand-Made Zen Organizers Of Wood For Your Working Place

Fri, Sep 23, 2011 | Home office

If you, guys, work at weekends or at home, like us, then you need to organize your workplace there. Zen philosophy is very popular now so why not apply it to the organizing a home office? Irish designer Karolin Felix presents hand-made organizers for your personal Zen working place. They are fantastically ergonomic and convenient in using, and are available...Continue Reading...


Cool Home Office Furniture With Stylish Prints

Thu, Aug 25, 2011 | Furniture

Nowadays many people choose to work at home; a home office is a special place which should make you think of work but be not so official as a usual office and stick to the interior and atmosphere. Philippe Coudray workshop presents a collection called Home Office in pop-art style. All the pieces of the collection are practical, they stick to the style of...Continue Reading...


Cheap Modern Office Made Of Cardboard

Mon, May 23, 2011 | Home office

Advertising company Nothing aimed at creating an office with a very small budget. They addressed designer Joost van Bleiswijk who created a very unusual office of cardboard. This office was made without glue or nails. Using such cheap materials for this unique work is an amazing variant for those people who can’t afford spending much money on the office....Continue Reading...

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Cozy, Stylish And Homey Office Design

Wed, May 11, 2011 | Home office

Many people nowadays work at home. And I’m one of them. Working at home is great, it’s convenient, you needn’t go anywhere, you needn’t hurry, you work at home with comfort. But in case you don’t have a home office you won’t be disciplined. I think if you are not disciplined, you won’t work as you are not stimulated. Software House XSolve from...Continue Reading...


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