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Optical Illusion Bulbing Lamps With 3D Effects

Thu, Sep 24, 2015 | Lamps

Designer Nir Chehanowski has created the BULBING lamps, a new collection of lighting, that are made using etched acrylic glass to give them a 3D effect. Meet ZIGGI , DESKI and CLASSI! The three newest members of our original lighting family. Meet ZIGGI, DESKI and CLASSI, the three newest members of the original lighting family. Each flat LED lamp is made...Continue Reading...


Light As Art: Innovative Matt Lamps Collection

Fri, May 16, 2014 | Lamps, Lights

The Matt lamp collection is one of the new products created for In-es.artdesign by the designer Oçilunam. His search for aesthetics is based on the importance of light as matter form and symbol. The collection consists of three lines, all entirely handmade: Lavagna, Cemento and Nebula, made with diverse materials. Lavagna lamp (blackboard) has been created...Continue Reading...

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Minimalist Art Of Light: Concrete Lights Experiment

Fri, Apr 11, 2014 | Lights

Elim Cheng is an interactive designer who offers us a new way to experience concrete, combining it with the warmth of the light bulb, and volumes molded by unexpected objects, like plastic bags and paper boxes. Concrete Lights Experiment shows the problem of removing the plastic bottle without damaging the object, and the difficulty of obtaining results...Continue Reading...


Lampione: Luxury Interpretation Of A Street Lamp For Your Home

Wed, Aug 21, 2013 | Lamps

The Lampiones by Violaine d’Harcourt are a series of three blown glass lamps that are a modern interpretation of a street lamp for your home’s interior. Each piece is hand-crafted by French craftsman out of turned ash or pear tree wood and blown glass (blue or grey), molded plaster, and leather—a rich combination of materials. There are two high...Continue Reading...


Surrealistic Melting Lamp Inspired By Japan

Fri, Jun 1, 2012 | Lamps

Swedish designer Johan Lindstén created this amazing Melt Down lamp being inspired by his trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The lamp consists of an oval shade the form of which appears to be adapted to a protruding light bulb located within and a simple colored lamp cord. The author says that the lamp reflects the tragic accident in Fukushima....Continue Reading...


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