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Big Loft With Eclectic Interior In Budapest

Tue, Jan 15, 2013 | Modern home designs

If you have several favorite styles and don’t know what to choose for your house, take several styles for it and you’ll get the most stylish thing ever – an eclectic design. This loft in Budapest, Hungary, by Shay Sabag is exactly in this eclectic style. There are exposed brick walls, concrete surfaces, exposed piping, exposed beams, wooden...Continue Reading...


Romantic White Loft With Huge Windows In Sweden

Thu, Jul 14, 2011 | Luxury home designs

This poetic loft is located in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s so romantic! Huge windows make it full of light, white color make the space wider and bigger, candles, first flowers and thin light furniture give the loft its charm. Some of the things were bought at a flea market in Brooklyn; the others are from famous designers. I think exactly this mixture gives...Continue Reading...


Modern Loft With Glass Walls And Floors

Fri, Jun 17, 2011 | Modern home designs

This loft was built by In Situ Architects in Brasov, Romania. Cetuita Loft is n open space with a wonderful view on the mountains and the historical center of the city. On the first floor there is a kitchen, a dining room and some other rooms, office and a hall. On the second floor there is a living room with a fireplace, a bedroom and a storage. The stairs...Continue Reading...

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Stylish Dynamic Loft In Modern Style

Tue, May 31, 2011 | Minimalist home designs

This luxurious stylish loft is located in New York. It’s done in modern minimalist style with some additions from the other styles like classical antique chandeliers, Greek columns that function as coffee tables or traditional lamps and carpets. Clear strict lines, combination of leather and metal, glass and slim tops, black, grey and white are softened...Continue Reading...


Amazing Stockholm Loft With 16 Feet Ceilings

This amazing loft is located on the top floor of a very attractive building on one of the most desired addresses in Stockholm. The building was built in 1885 so the 300 square meter loft features 16 feet ceilings. Besides the loft exposures in all four directions and is blasted in sun from glorious windows. The living space features only exclusive and high...Continue Reading...


Modern Urban Green Loft Design – Mosler Lofts

Wed, Oct 21, 2009 | Home design, Modern home designs

Modern lofts could be found in any contemporary megalopolis. Seattle is one of those cities and Mosler Lofts is a great example of the 150 loft designs located near the historically vibrant city’s center. From inside to out, the project includes a number of green features which have managed to won some prestige awards. There are as one as two-bedroom...Continue Reading...


Contemporary Luxury London Loft

Mon, Dec 8, 2008 | Luxury home designs

London based estate agents Urban Spaces specializes in lofts put on the market contemporary example of luxury London loft. 1118 sq.ft. loft located in Northern end of Wenlock Road, features double height ceilings, a master bedroom with dressing, en-suite and bath suite along with a chill out area and a large decked balcony. Like many contemporary designs...Continue Reading...

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