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Posts tagged "Matthias Ries"

Ultra Minimalist Space Saving Shelving

Thu, Nov 18, 2010 | Furniture

The Piegato is a magnetic shelving designed by Matthias Ries a while back. It consists of one laser-cut and powder-coated sheet of steel with perforations to fold shelves depending on your needs. Recently two new versions of the shelving system were presented. The first one features a chalkboard instead of one of the shelves while the other one features a...Continue Reading...


Original and Funny Modular Wardrobe System – Modrobe by Matthias Ries

Sun, Jun 27, 2010 | Wardrobes

Who said that modular wardrobe systems should be boring? Modrobe is one more interesting work by German designer Matthias Ries, that he presented lately. This modular wardrobe system is a light and flexible solution that will add some originality and fun to your interior. It isn’t as boring as usual rectangular wardrobes and has elegant legs that make...Continue Reading...


Smart Extension for Regular Shelf Systems and Bookcases – Plus One by Matthias Ries

Tue, Jun 22, 2010 | Bookcases, Bookshelfs

Plus One by Matthias Ries is quite smart and unusual product for your home. It’s a good looking additional storage container for any kind of regular shelf or bookcase. It’s made of walnut or maple and has a shape that allows to attach it to a shelf. Even though it doesn’t give a lot of storage space it allows to highlight something that is...Continue Reading...


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