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Posts tagged "minimalist beach house"

Angular Beach Home That Blends In With The Dunes

Thu, Aug 20, 2015 | Beach house designs

This home, a half-sunk diamond, is experienced very differently from each of its sides. The house is seamlessly integrated into the landscape, at once blending in and sticking out. Solar panels are discretely tucked into the dunes next to the house, and passive building techniques maximize energy efficiency and improve insulation. Each room in the interior...Continue Reading...


Tiny Two-Story Beach House With Geometric Design

Thu, Mar 5, 2015 | Beach house designs

Spring is high time to think about a summer vacation and your country or beach home décor. Here’s a great inspiration: tiny, two-story Beach Hampton house with just a 15′ x 20′ footprint designed by Bates + Masi Architects. It displays slight shifts in geometry, helping to make the most of natural light while maintaining the tight footprint. By...Continue Reading...


Modern Castle-Like House On The Beach

Wed, Aug 17, 2011 | Waterfront home designs

This is a beach dream! Big house with castle exterior right on the beach in Malibu. You can enjoy the sea, the sun or swim in the pool. Near this castle there is a terrace with lounge chairs and an amazing pool. As the nature outside is very bright the designers decided to make the interior also right, colorful and minimalist. Black, green ,red, crimson,...Continue Reading...


House with Almost Invisible Structure and A Great View

The Division Knoll Residence is a great example of the architecture that is a vessel for looking at the view. It’s designed by Sagan Piechota Architecture in Big Sur, California. The whole house looks almost invisible thanks to chosen materials and very simple structure. There are certain angles where you’re pretty much looking through the house...Continue Reading...


Luxury Beach House in Dominican Republic – Casa Kimball

Casa Kimball is a private beach house get-away and luxury rental villa located on the North coast of the Dominican Republic. It’s positioned on a cliff with an awesome panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Even though it has great terraces, infinite edge pool, outdoor jacuzzi and tall windows it is designed to be protected from views of neighboring...Continue Reading...


Modern Small Beach House Design in Peru by Javier Artadi Arquitecto

Tue, Jun 9, 2009 | Beach house designs

This small 2300 square foot beach house in Las Arenas, 100 km south of Lima. It’s the perfect beach getaway designed in modern style with great connection between indoors and outdoors. Architects took right rectangular container and cut on some of its faces to achieve control of sunlight and some visual effects. Those effects include weightless and...Continue Reading...


Natural Minimalism in Open Beach House Design – Laranjeiras House by Marcio Kogan

Marcio Kogan is Brazil’s designer who create beautiful modern house designs in minimalist and natural style. This house in Laranjeiras, neighborhood located in the Southern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, is one of his latest works which combines both styles in one beach house. Ultra wide openings and imperceptibly transition between indoors and outdoors what...Continue Reading...


Modern Minimalist Beach House – Wave House by Tony Owen NDM

This house was designed to capture the spirit of Sydney’s Bondi Beach in a home which both beach house and urban style dwelling. The line of the wave is the underlying element which runs through the house. It forms an entry wing over the garage at the south and rises to give greater height to the living room at the north end. Kitchen, dining and living...Continue Reading...


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