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50 Cozy And Inviting Barn Living Rooms

Sat, Apr 13, 2013 | Living room designs |

Barn renovations are very often today because it’s a great idea to change an old space into a modern house without building – it won’t cost so much. Besides, old rustic architecture has its own charm. Let’s have a look at some living spaces in barns. Usually such rooms are with an open plan, high ceilings and lots of light. Wooden beams are usually...Continue Reading...

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House with Clever Books Storage

Fri, Aug 7, 2009 | Home design

Kitchel residence is designed by BOORA Architects and located in Northwest Portland, Oregon. It’s placed on the hills and surrounded by environmentally sensitive forest. The house’s boomerang shape and folded geometry aligns with the topography which produces a dynamic special quality and admits daylight. While designing the house the goal was...Continue Reading...


Apartment Decor with Large Open Living Room

Sun, Mar 8, 2009 | Modern home designs

K2Ld are not just good in building houses from scratch, but also in interior decorating. This Westwood apartment is just one example of their great work. The apartment looks like it is very big one although that not just because of it size but because of interior design too. Most of the space combined in large living area what with built-in closets and only...Continue Reading...


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