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Unique Pave Stone Seating From Marble And Larch

Wed, Sep 2, 2015 | Furniture

Natural décor is super popular, it’s eco-friendly and safe even for the smallest kids. Various brands and designs compete in creating the most original pieces from such materials, and today I’m sharing an item that could definitely win. Pave Stone is an unusual seating system by Kreoo for interiors and exteriors. It consists of two parts: a marble base...Continue Reading...


Kodama Zome: Geometric Hangout To Share With Friends

Sat, May 30, 2015 | Outdoor furniture

Hanging seating pods are super actual right now, so have a look at Kodama Zome, a trendy modern geometric piece. The term was first coined in 1968 by Steve Durkee who was inspired by the shapes of a zonohedron. The first hanging Zome was recently introduced, with the name Kodama coming from tree spirits that are found in Japanese folklore. Each Kodama Zome...Continue Reading...


Round Cozy Garden Nest For One Or Two

Thu, Mar 29, 2012 | Outdoor furniture

If spring is already here in the place where you live, you may already start thinking of garden furniture and design because in spring and summer it’s the best place in the world. Here’s a great and extremely original seating solution – Nest – modern stainless steel garden chairs by Kirv. It’s kind of a little retreat without cutting off...Continue Reading...

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