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Posts tagged "sculptures"

Minimalist Multifunctional UFO Object That Can Become A Perfect Coffee Table For You

Fri, Sep 16, 2011 | Furniture

X-files? Fox Mulder? Why am I talking about it? Because Fabien Franzen presents a new collection called UF/O. Why such a strange name? Undefined Function / Object, so you can decide yourself what you want to do with that, the unreal shapes highlight the name. One could argue that an object lacking the initial context has no actual reason for existence —...Continue Reading...


Sculptures Made Of Pencils

Sat, Mar 5, 2011 | Other

I would never imagine sculptures made of pencils but here they are! The most unusual sculptures I’ve ever seen! Artist Jennifer Maestre makes these unreal accessories of usual pencils. She saws off parts of the pencils, makes holes in them and sews them together. The pencils are colored already so she doesn’t need to paint them. The sculptures arise...Continue Reading...

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