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Modern Vacation Home With A Neutral Interior

Tue, Apr 15, 2014 | Contemporary home designs

This adorable Blue Hills House is a vacation home located at Morin-Heights, Quebec, Canada, and was designed by la SHED architecture. As per the owners’ and architect’s wishes, the house has a dual relationship with its environment; from the outside, it is camouflaged in its setting and is as discreet as possible. From the inside, the house is...Continue Reading...


Namarata Vacation Home In French Oak

Tue, Nov 5, 2013 | Country home designs

Lake Okanagan, in British Columbia, Canada, is a cool relaxing place great for any vacation, that’s why the Vancouver-based Robert Bailey Interiors designed this Naramata vacation home here. The house was inspired by client sketches and the surrounding geography. The home remained a cabin being humble and unpretentious. The architects used French oak on...Continue Reading...

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Vacation House With Glass Walls And Ceilings On The Coast

Missing hot sunny days? Look at this fantastic holiday house in the South California by Fougeron Architecture and it’ll remind you of summer, vacation and joy! The house in located on the coast and the views are spectacular, so the architects maximized the view using picture windows and even glass ceiling. Glass is everywhere here, even in the bathroom,...Continue Reading...


Summer House With Shabby Chic Furniture And Sea Touches

Thu, Jun 13, 2013 | Beach house designs

Many of us dream of a summer house somewhere near the beach, and this one is very relaxing and inviting. The interior is simple, light and makes you think of summer and seaside. Rattan and natural wood furniture in shabby chic style look like art objects in this white interior. There are glass walls to bring the sunlight in and it reflects from all the...Continue Reading...


Hello Kitty House Design

Thu, Jan 27, 2011 | Home design

Do you remember the Barbie house that we showed you a while back? If you liked its themed design you might also like this house located in Taiwan. Hello Kitty them is all around it. Sanrio fans would definitely like it. Even though its design is a bit overwhelming for a full-size home it’s ok when the home is for vacations only. Seems this one is...Continue Reading...


A Year Round Vacation Home – Cutler Residence by Murdock Young Architects

Thu, Jun 24, 2010 | Contemporary home designs

The Cutler Residence is designed by Murdock Young Architects with a minimal impact on the pristine landscape. A year round vacation home features amazing views of surroundings which are very calm and relaxing. It’s perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound so these views mostly features waters of the Atlantic Ocean and woods. The house’s...Continue Reading...