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The Most Minimalist House in Japan

Fri, Jan 23, 2009 | Minimalist home designs | By Mike

There are plenty of minimalist house designs in Japan. Although the house designed by Datar beat them all. This family private house is all about clear lines and simple white color. There isn’t anything not white outside so it will stand up even near other minimalist Japanese houses. If floors was made white too than without furniture you could miss the wall and hit it while walking around the house. I can’t imagine somebody live there because such minimalism looks not alive but the house is very interesting from architect perspective.

the most minimalistic ghost house

ghost house

ghost house

ghost minimalist house

ghost minimalist house

ghost minimalist house japan

Photos by Yamagishi Takashi.

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  1. cty.guy.fromchi. Says:

    I see it as if it would be a canvas you are about to purchase at the art store and take it home… – just to find out that it is your home.

    Simply said; Simply beautiful.

  2. rickArrowood Says:

    A peaceful retreat from a world where more is never enough.

  3. spc Says:

    pic 2 kinda scared me
    i totally lost orientation

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