Three Level House for Three Family Generations

02 Mill Valley Ext Dusk

Designed by Berkley-based McGlashan Architecture this house is located on a beautiful hillside in Marin Country, near San Francisco. Its form and color are inspired by the hillside landscape. It has three levels and three generations of an extended family live there. Roofs of all three levels are planted with drought resistant and native gardens. Besides that it is super insulated and designed for passive solar conditioning. With the solar panel array, it is also designed for a net-zero energy footprint. Thanks to generous decks, window walls, and big openings the house is very wheel connected to the outdoors. [ McGlashan Architecture | Photography by CJ Chapman and David Fenton ]

09 Mill Valley Living
01 Mill Valley Ext Up Over Grass
03 Mill Valley Ext From Hill
24 Mill Valley Ext Out Over Roofs
04 Mill Valley Bird Over Roof
18 Alta Vista Roofs
13 Mill Valley Kitchen Out
12 Mill Valley Kitchen In
16 Mill Valley Mbath
14 Mill Valley Mbath
Mill Valley Powder
23 Alta Vista Bath
06 Mill Valley Stairs1a
25 Mill Valley Ext Night

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