Ultra-Modern Flowerpots For Indoor Use

Everything is constantly changing and the technologies are created every moment in the world. How can gardening be left behind? Designed by Singaporean designer Jerome Arul Aeroponic is the new age farming and ultra efficient agricultural process where the soil and water become the things of the past. Urboponic is the domestic use of aeroponic method of growing plants which is based on electricity and water-based nutrient solution. Urboponic is a perfect solution to your indoor planting needs. Nutrients are vaporized and pumped into the bulb continuously in order to maintain the mist within the roots of the plant and the nutrients are supplied by the electricity through a cable plugged to the power point. The main cable holds three smaller cables for solution input, solution output and electrical current. This sleek and beautiful gardening solution can either be suspended from the ceiling or can be placed on the table top, counter or on the floor. The electro-chromic glass can turn opaque when the power is supplied, however can also be switched to a clear look for all those curious glances of your guests. Isn’t it cool?

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