Unusually Shaped Modern Country House With An Unusual Interior

This country house is designed by architect Anna Belyaevskaya and located in a suburb of St. Petersburg, Russia. It has an unusual form and consists of two equal volumes which are dislodged vertically and horizontally. All facades are done in dark colors but the roof is tiles white. There is a balcony near the house which is three meters higher than the zero level. From outside it may seam that the house has only two floors, but truly it has five levels. The interior is very thoughtful so there are six rooms, a huge living room with the kitchen, three WCs, two large cloak-rooms and a basement on 260 square meters. The hall and corridors were excluded so right after the entrance one will get into the spacious living room united with the kitchen and the dining room. The interior is brightly hard and laconic. The main colours are white, dark-brown and orange. White glazed surfaces of the stretched ceiling and tiled floor visually enlarge the space and attach lightness and immensity. One wall in the living room is decorated with a high-quality print of Gulf of Finland. One more amazing feature of the interior is a staircase leading to upper floors. It’s made of concrete and tiles with the same white ceramic tiles as the first floor of the house. Seems country houses could be very modern too…

Source: lui

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