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Very Modern Apartment Design Inspired By Nature – Living Pod by Joey Ho Design

Sat, Jun 6, 2009 | Modern home designs | By Mike

Living Pod, an apartment unit designed by Joey Ho Design is inspired by nature and incorporates its leafy surroundings into living spaces. Three young brothers and sisters are owners of the apartment so it’s designed in very modern iPod-like style. Curved shapes are a backbone of the design. A streamlined wall feature horizontally and vertically wraps around the living space, protruding from the walls, creating large floor-to-ceiling curves that alter the shape of the space. In the living room two curving sofa chairs dominate the view. To keep focus on design features, the apartment is predominately white and an epoxy resin floor reveals reflections like a pond. Green was used in the painting to reinforce the natural setting. [Joey Ho Design]

Very Modern Apartment Design Inspired By Nature

Very Modern Apartment Design Inspired By Nature

Very Modern Apartment Design Inspired By Nature

Very Modern Apartment Design Inspired By Nature

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  1. Mishele Says:

    Are we trying to starve our eyes with these all-white interiors? At least this one has curves, the only plus I can see. Where is the expansive place for books?
    These interiors are boring and do not look comfortable.

  2. asiae Says:

    really incredible, i can use this because i was inspired by it :D thanks

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    [...] Uma característica da parede simplificada horizontal e vertical envolve o espaço, que saem das paredes, criando do chão ao teto grandes curvas, que alteram a forma do espaço. Na sala, duas cadeiras e um sofá arredondado dominam a vista. Para manter o foco nas características de design, o apartamento é predominantemente branco, com piso de resina epóxi que revela reflexões de uma lagoa. O verde presente pintura reforça o ambiente natural…………………………………………… Mais [...]

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