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Very Modern Home Full Of Light And Color

Fri, Dec 17, 2010 | Modern home designs | By Mike

When an architect designs home for himself it usually becomes a fantastic living space that other people can only dream of. Micheli Residence is exactly such a home designed by Simone Micheli in a very modern style. It’s located in Florence, Italy and the architect lives there with his family. The house is full of large open spaces, light, vibrant colors and interesting custom-made furniture. Even though it has many traditional features of luxury living spaces it doesn’t look as pretentious as these spaces. The main color around both floors is white. It helps to make the environment more light and spacious. Only some furniture elements are painted in other colors but all these colors are very bright and noticeable. About 90% of the home is made of eco compatible materials. It features a lot of creative decorating solutions. Who doesn’t want to live in such a beautiful, modern and spiritual environment?

Source: simonemicheli

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