Wireless Home Speakers with Led Bulbs – LightSpeaker System by Klipsch®

If you like to listen music and want to listen it in all rooms of your house, then the new LightSpeaker System by Klipsch® is a great solution for you. This System is a winner of a 2010 CES Innovation Award and is a really creative and very cool item, which could allow you to enjoy your music everywhere in your house. This new invention is not only a 20-watt full range speaker, but also 10-watt fully dimmable LED bulb rated for 40,000 hours. So you could also to light you interior space with these LightSpeakers. In addition to the fact that this speaker system can provide a perfect lighting and excellent sound, it could allow to save the space and not to spoil the interior design by ugly cables. All speakers have a wireless connection and thanks to that they are very comfortable to use. This creative system could help you to create a wonderful atmosphere in your house. The further information about them you could find on Klipsch® site. [Via]

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