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Zen-like Home That Looks and Feels Like a Resort

Sun, Mar 7, 2010 | Luxury home designs | By Mike

A lot of luxury homes have such memorable designs that everybody dream of live there and get inspiration for their own homes from them. This house designed by Dane Design Australia is a perfect example of such design. Located on a large site it consists of several separated pavilions focused on ten acres of deep clear water. The zen-like design is chosen in order to make the home feel and function like a resort. It has garden courts, gymnasium, spa and pool like every other resort. Public and private spaces are separated by open and closed breezeways. All pavilions are done in rich natural materials. [ DDA ]

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Old Comments

  1. Medasig Says:

    So who is doing the cleaning in this house? If this were my resort, I’d want to be assured that someone is cleaning up after the “guests” :)

  2. danieljames Says:

    this makes me sick

  3. Nuno Lagoa Says:

    As cool as it looks I would *NEVER* own a house that looks like an impersonal hotel.

  4. Fancymonster Says:

    Welcome to ugly land – where cashed up bogans go to stare at giant plasmas until their arses fall off.

  5. Joe Says:

    If I wanted to go to a motel, I’d go to a motel.

  6. Jose Says:

    This is truly disgusting…

  7. cricket Says:

    ugly buckets!

  8. Casey Says:

    I don’t know about all of you other broke motherfuckers, but this house is immaculate. Sounds like everyone who posted a comment before me is angry, poor, and a jealous bastard.

  9. Doug Says:

    All that glass… pretty but what happens during the zombie apocalypse?

  10. Ansel Says:

    Don’t hate. This house is exquisitely bitchin. I wouldn’t mind cleaning up, not that I’m a messy resident. Beautiful home, however a little large…

  11. steeeeeve Says:

    this house is the complete opposite of zen.

  12. gininitaly Says:

    Ultra modern yes, but it sits nicely on the site without bulk, has an Aussie feel to it of homesteads gone by and makes good use of light and space. Would I want to live in it? Nahh…the interiors are too austere for me, but I still think it’s good design and a smaller cosier version wouldn’t be that hard to work or live with in a warm climate.

  13. kroltan Says:

    A plaything of the anti-zen, tasteless, filthy rich. And I am a hard working, “middle” class person, motherfucker.

  14. chef_Beau Says:

    What are you all talking about? The whole time I was looking at the pics, I kept thinking,”I want to buy this place some day”. It’s an absolutely beautiful house. It’s looks very peaceful and very homey. I grew up on a farm and never grew up with a lot of money, and I still appreciate this house for what it is and see a lot of potential for it as a family home.

  15. bob Says:

    Wow! What a waste of space, money, sense. Welcome to Hotel 80’s with wood.

  16. al Says:

    In america this wouldn’t do. every cop in town would be trying to get a marijuana plant on this thing so they could convert it to a police substation.

  17. joe Says:

    haha, i thought there would be a bunch of comments appreciating this bullshit, but instead i found there are still reasonable people out there! yay!

  18. lizbeth Says:


  19. Dan Says:

    Yea it’s kind of tacky, and it has a distinct character that seems alot like that of stupid rich pampered women who like to waste money on stupid shit that has no practical or enjoyable use except for showing how rich and well off you are, even if you didn’t earn it or deserve it yourself.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    wow you definitely know a person has a valid point that can stand on its own when they use caps lock. People would want a spectacular place like that because its a disgusting flaunting of wealth which gets especially disgusting when everyone else is in tough times financially

  21. x Says:

    it really doesn’t look like anyone lives in it.

  22. erik Says:

    this house is not zen. it’s compulsively sterile and megalomaniacal.

  23. gininitaly Says:

    I find all these comments interesting from a point of perception.

    Some see only the money and ostentation instead of the form. What
    I see is an idea that you can high or low end to meet just
    about anyones needs, if the climate is appropriate of course. Now
    this ‘form’ of house wouldn’t be energy efficient in a cold climate
    because there would be too many exterior walls.. so lots of loss of
    heat… but in a warm climate quite open to breezes and light and

    Perhaps more should be less ‘for or against’ and think more ‘form and
    function’ and consider being open to discussion about it’s pros and cons.

  24. Fancymonster Says:

    OK then, Pros & Cons…


    1. I don’t live in it.
    2. None of my friends live in it.
    3. If I were a cashed up philistine with no taste or sophistication, I wouldn’t think it was ugly & could therefore live in it.


    1. It’s ugly as fuck
    2. It’s really pretty ugly
    3. It’s rather ugly, don’t you think?
    4. It’s probably the most unimaginative & ugly design I’ve seen featured in an article about design.
    5. It’s wholly ugly.
    6. I have a friend who has one of those stupid dogs with the squashed in noses & even he thinks this monstrosity is ugly.

  25. gininitaly Says:

    Then just what makes something ugly or beautiful?

    Occasionally someone has the option of using critical thinking skills.

    All very well to say you’re for or against something,anything whatsoever… quite another to understand your own mind enough to have a REASON WHY you chose one thing over another and can explain it … does require some ‘thought’ however….

  26. M Says:

    As I looked at every photo, I was briefly (at first) impressed by the design of the house. But as I continued, I thought of the title “zen-like home that looks and feels like a resort” and it struck me that this home was extremely impersonal – much like a beautiful hotel.

    So while I can appreciate this home’s aesthetics from a design point of view, the lack of character really doesn’t do it for me.

  27. Henry Says:

    this isn’t ‘zen’ like, it’s using the concept, found in every historic Japanese house worth its salt, of integrating the landscape with a building, and to that end it’s fantastic. It has tsubo niwa, the little tiny green spaces which I like.
    The simple paint palette gives it a sense of austerity, I think if you actually experienced a place like this in the flesh you would get the feel for the vitality of it.
    Thumbs up.

  28. gininitaly Says:

    Ah some intelligent comments… Bravo!

    To ‘M’, very typical of homes on these architectual sites… modern and spare is IN at the moment, not really to my taste either. It does need some people doesn’t it?

    Henry…I also like that it lives well on it’s site, low slung and breezy, open with lovely vistas without being offensively modern and un-House like.. and I also give it a thumbs up for the exterior design.

  29. Casey Says:

    I am not really sure why the majority of people are commenting on how ugly the house is. If you don’t like the house then why make a comment? Ever heard of constructive criticism? Also, if most of you all find this house extremely ugly, then what the hell does a nice house look like to you? I am not trying to deny that whoever created this house has lots of money and is showing if off, but if you are really that disgusted with it then stumble another page.
    As for fancymonster you really did a great job flexing you vocabulary and syntax with the constant repetition. You have done a terrific job of looking like a huge douche.

  30. John Says:

    For the people that dislike the design of this house, I’ve found your dream home. It’s portable too: http://failblog.org/2010/03/16/oversized-fail/

  31. jayhein Says:

    Casey….So only positive comments permitted? And who elected you to decide that only “constructive” comments are appropriate? I find the “negative” i.e. “I don’t like” comments quite valid as I do the “positive” ones. Its the type of style you either like or don’t like. Is that ok with you? Personally, I find it attractive. As a resort or clubhouse. But not at all appealing as a place to live. Zen is one thing. Sterile is quite another.

  32. fancymonster Says:

    Sorry Casey, I see the error of my ways. You have convinced me – I now LOVE this house. So elegant, so restrained, it really doesn’t look like a prison without walls at all – such seamless integration into the environment, such eloquent & site specific architectural application. Why, I bet that the massive amount of space is reserved for the multitude of bookshelves the owners haven’t yet installed!

  33. gininitaly Says:

    Seems Casey likes the house as do I, in a virtual way. But the people who say they hate it, seem to hate it because it’s expensive and ostentatious instead of explaining why they don’t like it esthetically… thus the constructive critisism comment.

    So they pretty much are saying that ALL houses built for the rich have no esthetic value? Sounds like sour grapes more than an evaluation… not very many of us could afford it anyway, but that doesn’t mean that some houses do or don’t have value simply because we can’t have them ;).

    I love it when people have opinions.. but they should be able to give clear reasons why they have that opinion, that’s based on form not price.

  34. Adman Says:

    Beautiful. Excellent craftsmanship, wonderful planning, what a masterpiece in sculpture, in art, in layout in landscape, in utility. I thank you for creating such a place. It’s inspiring!

  35. julie Says:

    I actually think this home is amazing. The use of space and light is beautiful. Would I choose to live in it. No. The spaces are too large for my personal taste. And I could imagine that it wouldn’t be cheap to maintain, energy wise. Having said that, it would make an amazing B&B, very resort style. I’m amused at the venomous critiques concerning cost. I have no idea what lives the people who own this home have had. How could I possibly think to criticize them on the basis of how much wealth they have?

  36. Separate spaces Says:

    Wow. How cool would it be to have your living and dining room space as a separate building from your bedroom? So convenient if you want to go to bed instead of staying up late with the partiers. Although less convenient if you’re needing to open and close the entryways all the time to keep the dingos and wallabys out. And then if you misplaced something, you’d be doing quite a workout figuring out where you left it…

  37. paul Says:

    Any complaints about the price of this home are ridiculous ones. Were you going to buy this home if not for the price? Do you use this site, or StumbleUpon, as a realty service? No! You use it to look at interesting, edgy homes and say “Wow, how about that.” What business is it of yours what other people do with their money?

    As far as aesthetics go, it’s not the perfect house, and if I had the resources at my disposal I wouldn’t have built a house exactly like this (for example, it’s a bit large, the interior is plain, and most of it is just not very home-y to me), but I think parts of it are quite breathtaking, especially the exterior. To the designers of this house, I say, “Pretty good.”

  38. missy2 Says:

    I find the cultural references of this building to be vacant.
    I personally don’t like looking at a house without learning via visual references, where in the world it is.
    There is not sense of place or rootedness or community with this house design.
    The paved walkway around the “natural” pond kind of sums this up.

  39. Mason Says:

    I don’t understand why people would be so vocal about something like a house. Architecture is an artform, therefore subjective and opinions about it are mutually untrue. anyway, I don’t suppose anyone knows where i’d be able to get a layout of this thing? or even an aerial view would help. I’m trying to recreate it in a CAD program but these pictures don’t really show how the thing is put together :)

  40. gininitaly Says:

    Mason, it sort of looks like a large central pod with kitchen/dining/living areas connecting by covered walkways to 4 outlying smaller pods with maybe 2 for sleeping and the excercise/pool area..the fourth is up to you… just guessing.

  41. John Says:

    Brilliant and serene. This house exudes peace and tranquility.

  42. Fancymonster Says:

    Boring & stereotyped. This house exudes poor taste & try-hardness.

  43. Me Says:

    Horrible proportions and about as creative as buying off a builder’s plans. Why would you want to have a house that looks like a resort you stay in for a week? And if this were a resort, again, it’s a fugly one.

  44. Sam F Says:

    Great variety of comments on this house was what tickled me most, I’ll be honest :)

    I like the look of the place, as said it’s got a few too many super-rich and try-too-hard gadgetry to make it something I’d fall head over heels for, but there’s lots of singular details I am absolutely gobsmacked with, stuff I’d kill to have in my own residence – once I have that amount of money to throw around.

    Particularly liked the open-sided overhang next to the two small ponds, me being a lover of rainy weather, that design spoke volumes to my own taste, imagining sitting there relaxing with a sketchpad listening to the rain pour down… Thought alone is almos getting me high, haha!

  45. aeracura Says:

    I live in a small two bedroom apartment… I’d live in that house in a second… maybe im just not as “refined” as some of the snobs here, but I just don’t understand why people take such offence to the house?

    If my house had all of these things -pool, sauna, gym, place to watch TV- I would pretty much be set for life, and happy as a clam. I think its up to the person who own’s the place to create a comfy space within it, all homes just look like houses before you add your own charm… unless you are all B&B owners who only like vintage houses that need to be remodeled.. which would be weird :S

    So how many of the people posting could afford this? Why would you say you would NEVER LIVE HERE!!!!! if you cant afford a mansion? I mean, its not the best mansion in the world, but also not the worst.. and as long as its a mansion im not really complaining :S Personaly.. I dont think anyone cares if you would live there, unless you have millions of dollars your opinion doesnt really matter.

  46. Sam Says:

    Interesting house. More house than I would want, but I’m not a big “the one who dies with the most toys wins” kind of guy, either. Somewhat sterile for my taste, but at least part of that is likely to be making it perfect for the photographers. Pretty in many ways, and I like the idea of making stone, wood and water the major themes of the house. My only personal objection is the wall sized windows. It strikes me as maximizing expense just to show off the fact that you can afford to. Not to mention that it would make me feel as if I were living in a fishbowl.

    If the same architect were to take the same ideas and focus on “cozy”, I’d want one.

  47. Maheen Says:

    This house is amazing. The best compliment I can give is to try and recreate it for myself.

  48. Marika Says:

    Wow, what a bunch of haters. I would kill to live there, um…this might be bad timing, but where do you live? Just kidding, but seriously. I love the house, it’s perfect.

  49. Mike Says:

    Looks like the kind off place I’d walk through, sit down and read a glossy magazine in one of the pristine rooms and then leave quickly before you threw up.

  50. Jeff Says:

    More “zen” would be ONE of those pavilions per family, living far more simply and in better accord with nature. As a meditator and architect, this home is vastly energy-inefficient.

  51. Atlanta homes Says:

    Personally, I think the house has great aesthetic appeal, but it also seems sterile and impersonal – too much like a really fancy corporate space. The title is dead on (if you take out “Zen”) and if you really want to live in a hotel, you go right ahead.

  52. doug Says:

    These comments are awesome. Just when I thought humanity had bought the conspicuous-consumption lifestyle hook-line-and-sinker, everybody points out that this is just one more attempt to SELL US STUFF WE DON’T NEED.

  53. Tea Says:

    I hate to be one of those whiny people saying “life’s not fair” but isn’t it sad that we live in a world where two hardworking people go home at the end of a long work day and one goes home to THIS and the other goes home to a single room apartment and freshens up to go to their NEXT JOB…
    I dunno…
    Something isn’t balancing out here…

  54. Teifion Says:

    Agree with the others – Its SO UGLY, Give me stone cladding and chintz any day of the week – I particularly like plastic georgian windows and concrete pinapples
    ( Possibly a bit of Irony there – LOL )

    Actually I find the place very interesting and different – notmy taste but its someone s so I’ll not be vicious in my condemnation

  55. stephanie Says:

    god i would hate to live in that house, its beautiful but it would be impossible to feel at home there. i’d always feel like a guest

  56. Krystal Magee Says:

    Hell yeah I’d live there if I could! Looks like fun!

  57. Donovan Says:

    For the mindless retards commenting on how they would “instantly” live in a house that “nice”: You are lost, please find your way back to Planet Simple.

    The critiques are warranted, the design is horrid, and this house could be found on every style blog throughout the web.

    Obviously, anyone living in a 2 bedroom apartment in Philly would suck mad dick to live in this house. But you’re simply incompetent of understanding why this house is fucking hideous.

  58. Britt Says:

    Um… I like the bath tub.

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