10 Simple Ideas To Refresh The Foot Of Your Bed

The foot of the bed can be a high-traffic area. Sometimes there are space constraints, so consider your own room, then check out these ideas for fresh foot-of-the-bed style.
1. Trunk. If you are nostalgic about old-school storage styles, a trunk might be for you. Dual-functioning trunks are great for extra blankets or as makeshift tables.
2. Coffee table. A small table looks perfectly placed in front of a beautiful bed. A small table provides surface area for accessories, picture frames or fresh flowers.
3. Low bench. A low bench is one of the more common furniture pieces used at the foot of a bed. An upholstered or wooden bench is the perfect place to tie shoelaces or throw a blanket on.
4. Desk or vanity. If you are space constrained and really could use a desk, consider the foot of the bed. There are pieces that function as a desk and a vanity in one. Try to find a piece with an open space underneath so a stool can be neatly tucked under.
5. Two-chair sitting area. Two chairs not only look great, but of course provide a cozy area for kicking your feet up or reading a book.
6. Love seat. A love seat creates a cozy environment for sitting, reading and, best of all, napping. Visually, a love seat can read like a footboard and can be coordinated with bedding.
7. Stools. Two stools at the foot of a smaller bed feel fresh and fun. A stool can be picked up more easily than a bench or love seat, so this is a good option if you need extra seats in your bedroom.
8. TV cabinet. TV cabinets at the foot of a bed can be configured with lift mechanisms so the TV is lifted up by remote — a great space-saving option, but it can be pricey.
9. Room divider. If you have a loft or studio apartment, here is a great-looking idea to create distinct spaces using the foot of a bed as a dividing point.
10. Dog bed. We love our pets and if you don’t want your dog on the bed, then you can put a dog bed in the foot and keep the pet in sight.

Source: houzz, pinterest

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