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Sequence House Designed As A Fluid Living Space

Sequence House Designed As A Fluid Living Space

Challenged by a compartmentalized apartment and an incredibly long floor plan, Gon Architects has created a light-filled and flowing residence for a single person in Madrid. Located on the third floor of an existing building, the Sequence House was designed around the concept of creating a series of scenographies linked to the basic actions of...
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We keep inspiring you to make renovations in your home while self-isolated – this is a good way to spend a lot fo free time you might have now. A color scheme in any space of your home including your bathroom speaks to your personality. For example, any bathroom decorated in shades of red would...
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We continue inspiring you with gorgeous idea to renovate your home, and today’s roundup is dedicated to blue and grey kitchens. Why kitchens? Cause if you cook, this is the heart of your home, here you gather, talk, cook, enjoy meals and much more. Why blue and grey? Cause this is a very popular color...
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