Thanksgiving Decorating

Decorating for Thanksgiving isn’t much different than decorating for the fall season. Usually, you can simply add a few things here and there and your fall decor would welcome your guests and family for Thanksgiving dinner nicely. We’ve gathered lots of ideas over the years for mantel displays, centerpieces, table settings, wreaths, staircase decorations, and other things that will spruce up your home for this great holiday.

Thanksgiving table decor

Get ready to give thanks in style and pull out all the stops for the best meal of the year! Between perfecting your turkey and pies, don’t forget the rest of the holiday table. We have lots of little tricks for a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting, including handmade centerpieces, unique place cards, gorgeous table runners and many others. Browse all these posts for ideas and inspiration!

Outdoor Thanksgiving decorations

Even though setting up a beautiful table setting is the most important part of Thanksgiving, decorating your home’s exterior is also important. Decorate your porch, garden, yard and steps. Hang something on your front door and windows, line something up on stairs and create an autumn-inspired arrangement on your porch. You could use vibrant pumpkins, apples, cornhusks, gorgeous foliage, fall blooms, DIY signs, lanterns with candles, vintage harvest tools and so on. Adding several jack-o-lanterns would turn your decor into Halloween one, so it won’t be hard to change things up between holidays.

Indoor Thanksgiving decorations

Here, we’ve gathered all our beautiful decor ideas to spruce up your home for this holiday. You’ll learn how to dress up your mantel, add some coziness to your furniture and how to create beautiful arrangements on your side tables and shelves. Turkey day has never looked so glam.

Color themes

Using unexpected color can help make a Thanksgiving meal and the holidays more memorable. Thanksgiving colors are brown, gold, green and yellow, but to add a modern touch try to incorporate black, purple or gold colors. Sounds great? We have even more ideas to give your space an elegant look!