10 The Most Cool Space Saving Staircase Designs

Eestairs Space Saving Spiral Staircase

Staircases are such things that could be as eye catching as practical. They can connect sever floors of your home and provide some book or other small things storage. They also can be very compact in case you don’t need an additional storage space and your space is at the premium. In case you have a difficult layout situation you might find some interesting staircase design ideas here.


This very thin staircase combined is part of the house designed by architects Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo. It’s combined with a cooking hood and a book storage system so it serves different purposes at once.


Levitate Architects used a staircase to a loft-like bedroom to create an enormous amount of book storage space. Even though the staircase isn’t very compact but could accomodate so many books that it would save some space anyway.


Mini Plus by Mister Step is a particularly compact open staircase, created to employ a flight solution even when there is insufficient space for a normal open staircase. The special profiled stairs reduce bulk to a minimum without sacrificing comfort.


This staircase is an another example of how staircase could be combined with book storage. This time it looks almost like bookcase although it will give your access to the upper floor.


This curved spiral staircase is great example of how minimalist they could be. They are located at House in Nagoya 01 designed Suppose Design Office.


This space saving staircase is ideal for limited or narrow spaces or as a permanent loft ladder replacement / loft access. It could be bought at this store.


This loft stair is made by Lapeyre Stair. It is very cost-effective and occupies very little space. You can come down without holding the rail.


This spiral staircase from Eestairs is a very clever space saving solution. It fits in just one square meter. The secret is that you step at the bottom under the pole, and at the top you step above the same pole. It is made of mild steel, powder coated in any RAL color.


This staircase is stylish and sleek. It shows how such must have thing as staircase could also give some storage space.


This disappearing, retractable staircase is a truly space saving solution. It’s using simple mechanical hinges and pistons that are making it easily folds flush up against a wall to expand a lower space and/or to restrict access to an upper floor. They are still a concept designed by Aaron Tang.

Thin Staircase Combined With Cooking Hood And Book Storage
Cost Effective Loft Stair
Disappearing Stairs
Book Storing Staircase
Quarter Turn Staircase
Modern Sleek Staircase With Storage
Staircase With Bookstorage
Minimalist Spiral Staircase
Space Saving Staircase

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