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13 Cool Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Thu, Jun 24, 2010 | Kids furniture | By Mike

Thanks to an Italian kids furniture manufacturer, Dielle, we’re happy to show you these cool teenage girls bedrooms. They are designed with using of the latest collection of furniture called X-Cab presented by the manufacturer this year. These bedrooms could provide you with a lot of ideas of how to decorate a modern teenage bedroom that every girl would be happy to have. All requirements of modern living are covered. If you want to design a truly stylish, elegant and modern living space for your daughter or daughters, check out the pictures below.

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Old Comments

  1. Gwen Says:

    They all look like the same design, just rearranged and in a different color

  2. Stefanie Says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase these items. Thank you.

  3. Ashleigh Corbett Says:

    wow i wish my parents would let me do my room like this its so pretty we are building a house so my new bedroom will be one of these:)

  4. Mariah Says:

    i have been looking for bedroom ideas for a long time. And the main problem is finding a bed frame for me and my little sister. So, i was wondering where did you get the trundle bed thats in the 3rd and 5th pictures on this site? they dont take up a lot of space and the bed under just rolls out. please send me the link to where i can buy one!

  5. zoe-leigh Says:

    on picture 12, can it be a sofa/bed, does it hav another bed that slides out underneath with draws that slide out to? and were can i buy this bed from ???

  6. Ashley Says:

    Are these supposed to be bedrooms or space-age cubicles? There is no self expression in modern design.

    These bedrooms are so white and clean(so much like the doctor’s office)that I’d be afraid to touch anything…

  7. anny Says:

    these bedrooms are 222 yuk..! fells lyk vomiting

  8. Ashley Says:

    I don’t see how this can be “pretty”…

  9. Emmy Says:

    where do you find to buy the beds in slide 4, 8, 10 & 11 if you live in the US???

  10. HAHA Says:

    obviously they’re not the same design if it is rearranged and different colours!! lol dumb ass!

  11. hannah Says:


  12. Alyssa Says:

    All of these bedroms are basically the same thing just arranged in a differt way and a differnt color. Cus for the most part, all of the rooms have the same fruniture, the same desighn, nd the same idea, to save space. All of these rooms need to be more differt. Now there pretty dont get me wrong, but they need to be more differnt from each other.

  13. emily Says:

    I want my room like one of these?
    How do i do it though! please, i want nice things too!

  14. french Says:

    AWESOME DUDE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


    kiss kiss or ma peeps ahhaha

  15. Pheebz Says:

    Some of these look more like kitchens with sofas in than bedrooms. I do like he silhouette things on the cupboards. Where do you get them if you live in the UK?

  16. Kate Says:

    Where can i get the trundle bed for me and my sister???? Link plz!

  17. changemyr00m! Says:

    urgh, really wish that my room could look this great!! when i get it re-done i’m definitely changing what it looks like. hello, white-washed walls!! :)

  18. Jen-polaris Says:

    these rooms are all gross and unrealistic

  19. jordan Says:

    where can i get the furniture?!?!

  20. sachan Says:

    i love the green room where can i get those colours for that colour scheme

  21. rachel Says:

    its very beautiful . i will ask my perents to build like this

  22. rachel Says:

    its very beautiful .

  23. rachel Says:


  24. Debbie Says:

    These rooms are cool . I specially liked the last two rooms . They’re awesome

  25. La'Toya Says:

    I , Think The Room Are Great ! :))

  26. La'Toya Says:

    Rachel , Exactly I Wanna Tell My Parents That Too ! These Are A Room That Every Teen Girl Would Want I Absolutely Love !!!! Omgg Get Me A ROOM Lol ! I Need To Talk To The Creator !

  27. Indigo Says:

    Holy crap, these bedrooms are disgusting!!!!! They aren’t ‘pretty’ they’re plain ugly!!! If u want good bedroom designs and items for bedrooms, go to PB teen!! It is faaaabulous!! :D

  28. SoftballStar Says:

    Take it from an actual 14 year old girl, these are the ugliest rooms i have ever seen. They are way to plain. If are on here looking for ideas, don’t. Go to pbten. It is expensive but half of the stuff you can make yourself and you can by knockoffs of everything else for half the price!!! Check it out!!!!!

  29. beeeeeeeeeeeep Says:

    these rooms are fake and completely unrealistic. they look exactly the same and hardly for a teenager .more like 3 year old

  30. Jules Says:

    Luv these designs and ideas!!!

  31. kayla Says:

    i want to know why these bedroom ideas look like offices

  32. Destiny Says:

    um yeah,,, these rooms look boring but i kind of like them. they are waaay 2 plain and there are to little colors and personality. i would never have a room like this, its to tidy and looks like an office.

  33. ibk Says:

    cool but to studious if that is a word i am 10 what dont be suprised amazing dig digs amazing

  34. Saba Says:

    I like these alls very much

  35. sara Says:

    im afraid to touch anything. its all too perfect like a docters office it makes me sick! :p

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