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15 Cool Ideas For Pink Girls Bedrooms

Thu, Jul 23, 2009 | Kid bedroom designs | By Margarita

Pink color is timeless theme for girls bedrooms. For many people it is a symbol of tenderness and youth. This color is associated with fairy-tale princess or Barbie and almost every girl dreams about a charming pink bedroom. Pink color could perfectly fit as traditional bedrooms with classical furniture and amazing curves as contemporary, more severe ones. Combining this color with others you could get a various awesome designs. For example white and pink furniture looks very beautiful but if you want more bright bedroom then you might more like a combination of pink and green colors. Below you could see very interesting ideas to create the best pink kids bedroom. There are different examples of girls rooms which would be liked by as young as adult girls among them.


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Old Comments

  1. Junaine Says:

    these rooms are beautiful !
    i wish i could have a room like that

  2. saarah Says:

    i loove thoes bedrooms its so beautiful i want my bedrooms lyke one of these its so pink

  3. Human Resources Dept. Says:

    Wow!! Fabulous! I really like PINK..It’s so girl y! It helps a lot for me to have an idea on what room I will have in our new house. I’ll tell my dad about it.

  4. guess Says:

    image 2 where can i buy the bed from ?

  5. Mansi Says:

    these rooms are sooooooooooooo cool….i just love them and wish to have a room
    like that

  6. Honey Says:

    Pink colour is my favurite and i jus luv it

  7. Honey Says:

    i luv pink colour so much

  8. maddy Says:

    omg, these rooms are absolutly outstanding .. i know that a room like that would deffiantly never stay like that if it requires a little person in it! LOL

  9. yuio Says:

    these rooms are great!

  10. yuio Says:

    man are these cute!

  11. yuio Says:

    If a teen was in 1 of those elmo rooms,it would be crazy.But in 1 of these
    rooms,picture perfect!

  12. yuio Says:

    wow!!!!!Pink is great in all these rooms!

  13. tina Says:

    i love pink i want everything pink my house

  14. amber Says:

    i lurrvvvv the spotty wallpaper in picture 1!!! does anyone no where i can find some lke that?????? xxxx :p these are georgeoussss x =] awww … x

  15. mindy Says:

    Is a beaty room!!!

  16. miranda Says:

    i love those roos i wish i had one but i dont soooo i hate my room

  17. batoul saeed Says:

    i really like this pink room soooooooooooooo much but my old room in back home was pink and i really want to change the colour in my new room although pink is my favorite colour in the world . so please …please… please help me to find a new shining, girly colour for my new room …pleeeeeeeeeease any help…

  18. kay+kay Says:

    I love all of the rooms!love all of the cool ideas!

  19. Lisa Says:

    My daughter has been looking for a new bed. I showed her these,she LOVES number two. Is there any way you could e-mail me where to get this bed. It would mean the world to my daughter.

  20. Jodi Says:

    Image 2 with the pink and green…. where can i buy this bedset?

  21. Jodi Says:

    Image 2 with the pink and green…. where can i buy this bedset?

  22. de Says:

    i really like the second pink bedroom design is there anychance you could email me on where can get this
    thank you

  23. Sttarrrrrrrrrrrsssss Says:

    I love all those rooomss i wish i had one like that…………..

  24. Sarahh Says:

    Please tell me where i can purchase the second bed from!!! its really amazing and obviously from the previous comments, everyone else agrees!
    thanks :)

  25. Sarahh Says:

    please please please tell me where I can get the second bed by emailing me!! I’m moving house and really need a new bed and I love this one!

  26. WHat the heck Says:

    Are these rooms really realstic? I mean we can’t buy the furniture, so why show us the rooms? I mean who can afford all the furniture anyway, so why show us things that are impossible to get?! Who has a rom as big and as cool shaped as that in todays acomony! Those aren’t ideas those aren’t even rooms, they were made at a set so how can you get them in a room if they don’t even exist!!! So there you have it, the truth.

  27. Mike Says:

    Some people have and they can afford such furniture. If you’re creative enough you can make something similar to it and paint in the same colors.

  28. Nicole Says:

    Where can you get the second bed from. Please e-mail me where.

  29. loaf Says:

    you do realize that all these rooms are pretty huge. some people arent loaded and spoil their kids. try thinking of ideas 4 smaller rooms that dont cost a billion dollars… – –
    . .

  30. Sarah Says:

    Hmm yeah I agree… There are a lot of other posts for small bedrooms tho but all this furniture looks as though it would cost a fortune! Also, you need to have the right shaped room and windows in the right place etc for it to look good. To be honest Ive gone off all these rooms anyway I am gonna design my room differently :D

  31. Meredith Says:

    i absoloutly love image #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jason Pereira Says:

    Girls love pink. If there’s one color that will make them happy its none other than pink. My wife made our little girls a pink room and she wants a pink room too for our master bedroom. However, I totally argued with her and suggested that a brown color in our master bedroom is enough for me and no pink please. Good thing she said okay. hehehe..lol.

  33. alicia Says:

    ugly i got a better one

  34. Adriana Says:

    Hellooo, the litle girls rooms are so cuteee, my daughter will love all of them….. . Where do I get wallpaper and furniture from??


  35. quinie Says:

    nice beds how can we order and how much is the beds can we have a magazine!

  36. ComfyHeaven Cushions- Anita Says:

    wow these rooms are truly beautiful and just full of ideas for a little girls rooms. I especially love the last three !

  37. Pink pink Says:

    I love Dix rooms sooooo much I am getting one of them

  38. lianahafsat Says:

    LUV THE BG ON PIC 9, LUV THE SPOTS ON PIC 1, LUV D COLOR ON PIC 2, IN FACT, LUV ALLA THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT THE’RE TOO TIDY AND DONT LOOK VERY FUN/COMFY, ANYWAYS, THEYRE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THEY JUST NEED ENTERTAINMENT LIKE TVS, STEREOS, MOVIES, BOOKS, COMPUTERS, GAMES ETC

  39. Kelly Says:

    Can you please tell me where to get the furniture. Picture 1, 5 and 6. Thank you.

  40. ginger Says:

    Where is the bedset from idea 2 from????? what an awesome design!!!!!! i love <3

  41. Rinki Says:

    room no. 15 is so amazing its like an angel’s room i wish to be a princess of that room

  42. Amy Says:

    OMG I love the first ones backwall! does any one know how to get that?

  43. Leah Says:

    just like everyone else i really love the second bedroom and i would love to know where to get the furniture could you pleaseeeeeee email me?!

  44. kk Says:

    hi, i was looking at some of the bedrooms and i realy like number 15 and i was wondering if you could e-mail me and tell me your phone number so i could maybe order the furniture for that room. i am 10 and i think when iam a teenager i think i will be happy with the decison i made so pleas pleas e-mail me the digdigs dinser phone number… :) :p

  45. Fransesca Says:

    Please send the information on purchasing for picture number two. Thank you.

  46. briti Says:

    pink my favorite color…………… i love tat bed room.i have to built or buy like tat room only@

  47. Jamee Says:

    Very cool but pink? maybe something a little more boyish for me, like orange(lol) also maybe some bues

  48. amster Says:

    this bedrooms r soooooo cool i just redid my bedroom and i wish i did it like these ones :( i wish i had one more chance

  49. feza Says:

    shoooooo shweeeto

  50. shayla Says:

    hey, i wanna do my room up but maybey in like blues nd other colours but my room isnt as big as most of the ones on display, i want it to be nice nd still be able 2 have some space 2 move ,do u have any ideas pleazzzeeeeeee HELP!!!!!!

  51. Jessica Says:

    Hi! I love the second option! Can you tel me where you got the bed? Please tell me! It would mean the world to me! I am redoing my room and if I do not know quick I can not get it! Please Please Please!!!!!!!

  52. amy Says:

    very nice rooms

  53. tristan Says:

    m, ghmjjkm b gmmm

  54. polly Says:

    omg im about to cry they are soooo amazing i find the 2nd 1 very cool

  55. briti Says:

    its really super i like very much surely i will built like tat room in future……………. by urs- british…………….

  56. unknow Says:

    i like this color and its perfect for bedroom

  57. DIPESH BAROT Says:

    These are the wonderful bedroom designs for kids. I have never seen this kind of beautiful and attractive color combition and also the furniture shown in the photos are extraordinary.
    Hats off to you guys whoever have created such wondertul eye catching designs.

  58. DIPESH BAROT Says:

    These bedrooms are really beautiful and I have never seen the designs, color combitions and the furniture like this.
    I can truly say that this is out of this world.
    Hats off to the guy whoever has created this eye catching creation for the dream world.

  59. Lori Fleming Says:

    Where can I get the furniture for image number two???

  60. alesia Says:

    on image 13 does anyone know were the tow beds with the cabnets are sold

  61. Bandee Mendelsohn Says:

    How do I get the wall light wall that is in the first picture?

  62. shannon Says:

    OMG them room ar so cool but dey cos thousands of bucks

  63. JOE Says:


  64. Nikki Says:

    You know…with a little imagination and elbow grease, the bed in pic 2 can be made. And the wall in pic 1 could be made also. If you notice, the wall has a edge that pops out. If you have some particle boards (or something smooth) you could build that wall with circular cutouts. In the circular cut outs put a not so see through plexy glass of some sort (maybe even some colors). The lights would be those flurescent lights (like school lights…the cloud kitchen flurescent would be perfect) Hang the lights on the wall behind the newly constructed wall. Then paint it :0) Seems like a pain in the butt, but these people created it in basically the same way, and this way you aren’t paying the extra couple hundred bucks for their idea.

  65. roby Says:

    beautiful romantic girl room collection

  66. Ysabellina Mendel Says:

    EHMAGAWD! This is so, like, AWESOME! :-) I really LURVE pink! Like, omg! I am totally going to tell DAddy to make this my room ASAP! like, ohmygod! i’m sure Daddy’s gonna be proud! <3

  67. Ysabellina Mendel Says:

    OMGGGG..this is totally KEWL..imma tell brittani about this tomorrow and we’re gonna have a pajama party!!! :DD yey! :-)

  68. Ysabellina Mendel Says:

    cool! lurve it

  69. fart Says:

    i hate them therew so ugley

  70. priya Says:

    very nice & very cool

  71. marie claire Says:

    i love room number 1 and number 9 soo cool!!! :-)

  72. vanessa florencia Says:

    where we can buy it in indonesia

  73. vanessa florencia Says:

    where we can buy it or find it in indonesia(please reply)??

  74. sarah Says:

    wow! awesome I love the designs of the rooms I hope to see for more new designs ^_^

  75. Lauren Says:

    Hey you guys, just too let you know, the furniture in bedroom #2 is at sears but theyre all seperated/ its really easy just too make that stuff!

  76. arpana Says:

    vow…ur images hav given me wonderful ideas. keep goin!

  77. sanasha Says:

    wow I like the 2nd room

  78. sanasha Says:

    wow I like the 2nd room hahahahahahahaha

  79. Tulip Says:

    were do you get the stuff to do a room like this

  80. arockey Says:

    Hello, I have a room. I’m a pre teen and i want a hot neon pink green and orange room. My room is wood. Kinda small but is being renovated sometime after Christmas. I have a small window since im underground. I got hat im doing with my roof window and bed, i need ideas for a carpet and things i can do with my walls other than painting, because once again its wood and im not aloud to paint it. Having trouble considering i have to spend my own money. My room will be REALLY big in about 6 months when we knock some walls down to make my room bigger. Help me please i hate me room and want some cool modern ideas. Any color. Also im a tomb boy and a girly girl so either or ideas i dont care. Thanks

  81. daisy-^ Says:

    veryyyyy veryyy beutiful i love that rooms <33

  82. Aashna Says:

    i m speechl;ess

  83. cassie Says:

    Hi, i’m 12 and me and my sister are planning to do a “room switch” so we can move into our parents room together, i love the bed in image 2 how can i get that??? please tell me!! thanks! :D

  84. saravanan Says:

    super i ll be happy to inform you that super image

  85. Megan Says:

    will you please send me were i can buy the stuff for image 2??

  86. kmp Says:

    wow. i love all of those room ideas!

  87. hate pink Says:

    this rooms are not nice even though i am a girl the colour pink is discusting

  88. sina Says:

    hey leute wundert ihr euch weil ich deutscht rede xDDD

  89. Kimberly Says:

    Where can i buy the second bedset from i really really love it plz send me a email telling me or showing me where i can buy it thank you :)

  90. Kimberly Says:

    Oh and can you tell me how big the room is( the second room) like how many inches on the walls and the floors thank you

  91. Kimberly Says:

    Or can can you tell me where i can buy all of the stuff in image 2 plz thank you

  92. Inoka Says:

    i love those pink bedrooms.. it’s really cool & amazing. i’m also dreaming for this.. :)

  93. Inoka Says:


  94. Sara H. Says:

    I am prett much a teen (close to it) and I though the first desighn was AWESOME. well this is stupid but i hate the color pink but this would be a good idea where the light up wall is behind that should be the bathroom… i know I’m awesome but your awesomer so its just a good idea :D

  95. Ray Says:

    I am about to transform my bedroom and use pink as my theme. I love the color pink and there are ideas from several of these room designs that I have seen that I like. I am so excited to get started on it! I am thinking about making my own quilt for my king size bed. It’s so hard to find what I want and I can make it. I’ve made quilts for others, but never myself and I can do it in pinks!!!

    Thanks for tha great ideas!

  96. hadhy Says:

    it really nice…..super excellent

  97. sadaf shaikh Says:

    i just wanna this room plllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  98. noorinah Says:

    Its gOrgeous!!
    Will You Please share your ideas??

  99. sintiya Says:

    hey can u email me were i can get the 2 rooms bed thanks

  100. fatima Says:

    can u tell me where i buy the bed of heards or barbie…

    thank u.

  101. rainow Says:

    that is very nice i hate my room

  102. trisha Says:

    who designed the last picture ? i want that room

  103. diana Says:

    we are trying to re-do my daughters room and we want it the pink ang green bedroom set and would like to know a price or where to get it

  104. Maisie Says:

    I love these rooms so much! I am not that girly but pink is an awesome colour! I love the bed in the second one:) AWESOME!!!!

  105. Cat Says:

    Where can you find the barbie coat hanger.

  106. Saarina Says:

    pink is gettin kinda old now plus these rooms r 4 millionaires not for ordinary people like us

  107. hello Says:

    i luvvv the first one!!!

  108. Sydney Howard Says:

    i like lots of pink but they should add a pinch of zebra. just to liven it up!!!!!!

  109. Raigan Says:

    I absoloutly LOVE the first room!

  110. Rachel Says:

    I love the second room!Does anyone know where I can get that bed/anything in there?

  111. Toutou Says:

    Love the rooms, wish it was purple! But pink is my 2nd fav so fine with me! :D

  112. puppyl0ver32123 Says:

    um..the whole thing looks great but its like on tv shows. its perfact. and somtimes you gotta face reality and realize that were not perfact. and most of us cant even affored 1 of the itams in the pictures. like the beds.

  113. diana Says:

    my daughter cant get enough of number 2 does anyone know where i can get that room

  114. geuss what Says:

    we are buying a new house and my daughters room looks like a 5 year old room ands shes 9 she loves room 2 can someone please please email me it would mean the world to her

  115. lynn Says:

    I really would like bed number 1 for my daughter, could you please tell me where i could buy this from in the uk?

  116. annie Says:

    wow thes r so pretty & cool,i luv it,only if i could hav some thng like tat

  117. orla Says:

    i love theese but could you pit u pink vintage bedroom ideas . that’d be great

  118. blessy Says:


  119. jeward Says:

    thats great!l iuv jedward peace out ..xxx

  120. anchal Says:

    these rooms r really great!!!!!!!!!!!
    but can i have some more ideas for rooms!!!!

  121. tas Says:

    oh man its really nice to see this ideas coming through

  122. Bushra Zurish Says:

    These rooms r toooooooooooooo beautiful.
    Insha Allah I’ll hv dat type of room.

  123. sol Says:

    i reelly those pictures of bedroom i have seen

  124. kilee Says:

    I had those bedrooms before

  125. kilee Says:

    I love it

  126. Debbie Says:

    I love all these pink rooms.

  127. blake Says:

    i love the 2 one what is digsdigs phone number

  128. blake Says:

    love the second one

  129. maddie Says:

    i LOVE some of the picture it makes me and my sister laugh alot!

  130. Lucy Says:

    I love these bedrooms!!! Especially the second one!!!

  131. N.P.*** Says:

    Oh!! I love those rooms!!

  132. Eileen Gordon Says:

    the most beautiful rooms in the world.

  133. BrOOk Says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG!!!


  134. blake Says:

    sususjsusjsusjsusjsusjsujsusjsusssjssssssjsjsjsnsshshs sjsk sjs sj sjs sjj jssjs jss usjs sis j su si s s is s s sm suisks sjsjsjsssjjsjsjsjsjjjjjjsjsjsjjsjjgjgjjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjjgjgjgjgjjgjgjgjgjgjjgutgjgujgujgujguhjgugjugjugjugjggijgijgigjigjigjjigtjtigjtitjgitjgitgjojgtijgtigjijigjtijtgjgjfgijt8jtgjijgijkkjdkkdjdkgjgkjikjgkgjtuitjgijgrgijoeuphyuhygupiyruhypqq;uityqapurtypieiuss;akjdsdkdjujrufjdsswawakssklsfldfksklsl;lsjlkls;dsfjakl;odjasaij8iafisf;ja8o;j;slso8se89weloessos;8sus8s

  135. Justin Beiber Says:

    IDIOTIC yikes eek

  136. remona Says:

    omg love these ideas

  137. Bella Says:

    Omg i luv the second pictures bed with all the draws! Its sooo cute please email me where i can get that!

  138. Lilly Says:

    I love bedroom number 2 where can i find that bed!!!!
    plz email me!!!!!!!!!

  139. Olivia Crawford Says:

    Beautiful images! I always wanted a pink bedroom guess I will have to create one for my daughter…. :-/

  140. Ilene Says:

    Like everyone else, I love the furniture in picture number 2! Where can I purchase the set????????

  141. seemab Says:

    its veryyyy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  142. minakshy Says:

    my fav colour iz pink… n i jst love those roooms

  143. allen rose Says:

    So awesome i want my room like that

  144. Al Says:

    My daughter loves the bed in image 3….. Any ideas where I can buy it???

  145. sathya Says:


  146. Sisters Playing House Says:

    Great ideas!! We just did our daughters room in gray with pink/purple accents.

  147. Edith Says:

    very cool

  148. mrs.lannceychestorbutt Says:

    omg, the bedroom with the picture of the girl on the wall, freaked me out!

  149. Fatma Mohammad Says:

    =]hi you know what is the best image the best image is image number 2 go and have a look

  150. Fatma Mohammad Says:

    =]hi you know what is the best image the best image is image number 2 go and have a look and i will buy the room next year . CANT WAIT

  151. LYSA Says:

    Image 9 i want that bedroom only in blue because its my favorite color where can i get the decorations for it??

  152. mahi Says:

    i just love it. it’s very beatiful. i am a fan of pink

  153. anita Says:

    wow beautiful room my fevorite color it’s pink

  154. vidhibloo Says:


  155. Kourt Says:

    Love 2nd bedroom email where i can get the furiture

  156. tara lane Says:

    hi good afternoon my name is tara lane i like to order that halley-junior-battiuore-collection- charming -white-heart-themed-girls-bedroom design- ideas for my full size bed i want to know do you have a canopy match with that i have a full size canopy bed i have everything white my bedroom is so pretty and beauitful big bedroom i love every thing white is my flavoer color number one i want to be a princess girl can you send me a catalog of this beauitful bedroom set to me so i can ask my mom to buy it for my bedroom for my birthday is coming in june 9th can you send the catalog to my address is 1778 hillmeade sq. frederick md 21702 my name is tara lane thank you so much and have a nice day bye see you bye bye .

  157. Kenzie Sheard Says:

    Im in LOVE with the bedroom in Image 12 <3

  158. Aliyu Jamo Says:

    I patiently wait for my daughter to come to this world, we can have great things together, i like all the design and pink too.

  159. brittany Says:

    I think the 12th one would creep me out in the morning…

  160. paniz Says:

    hi I LIKE picture 2 i think just picture 2 is beatiful

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