15 Creative Pumpkins Ideas To Decorate Your Space For Halloween

Pumpkin is the most traditional object to decorate your house on Halloween. What are the ideas to decorate your space with them to look stylish on Halloween? You may make them yourselves taking fresh pumpkins and cutting the core and make a ugly face accessory with a candle inside or use it as a vase, fill it with ice and put champagne bottles in it, use it as a pot for soup or any other dish, or cover your dish with a part of a pumpkin. You can buy beautiful pumpkin-shaped candleholders of wire by Potterybarn of nice soft pumpkins of velvet. Finally, you can make just beautiful accessories of pumpkins painting them yourself – black or even silver so that they would look as jewelry. You may also cut small pumpkin imitations of oranges and put something tasty in. Put these beautiful pumpkins on the table and in your house and your Halloween will be unforgettable!

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