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17 Cool Teen Room Ideas

Tue, Mar 17, 2009 | Kid bedroom designs | By Mike

These teen room ideas are photorealistic 3d renders from Spanish designer Sergi. He shows his woks on his blog in order to receive critics about them and to help other to design perfect room for their kids. Such designing isn’t always easy because teenagers are hard to please. Sergi’s works are done in different beautiful but not very contrast colors and are cool as for boy as for girl. If you’re design a room for teen and doesn’t buy some furniture collection from famous company which specialize in kids room designs these renders could fill your mind with a ideas. [Via home designing blog]

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

Teen Room

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Old Comments

  1. Look Says:

    the designs are all the same. just different colors.

  2. marisol santiago Says:

    beautiful colors, creative design for young children!

  3. Jenna Says:

    Is it me? Or do the beds like a tad bit weird? like their kind of fake looking.

    but other then that… the rooms are beautiful!

  4. devan Says:

    if i get someone to build this ( # 7 ) how much do you think it might cost -average pricing? i really like it and i am very interested but i dont think i can build something like this because of the cabinets. do you know the pricing, excluding the sheets, desks and color of the walls. just the wood part. and will i need a cabinet maker or a bed specialists? do you think i can find something in the market like this?
    thanks so much!

  5. the best person ever Says:

    look expensive…

  6. Michelle Says:

    Ok; I’m like 14. I ADORE every single one of these rooms. Striped are kinda wierd, but the beds and the tan one, O M G. If I had a room like these, I would die. They’re AMAZING. Haha(: Kudos!

  7. Josaline Says:

    Wow, these rooms look awesome, i really liked all of them Alot!
    if only mine were as clean and tidy as that, it would be perfecto! :D
    makes yourself look smarter in a way, it kinda give a inpression on that dont you think?.

  8. Alex Says:

    the designs are all the same, just organized differently and different colors.

  9. megs Says:

    Where can you buy the beds… and how much .. I want some!

  10. Rachel Says:

    Cool ideas. I like the storage ideas with all of the rooms…. But the basic design is almost exactly the same with each room… Kids rooms should have more expression! But over all I love the rooms. Very neat and the colors and patterns are really cool! :D

  11. Jamie Says:

    Where can I find a bed like the ones in 17, 2, or 1????? Please answer!!! Thanks sooo much!!!

  12. ellie Says:

    i am not happy about the beds that are very dangerous

  13. bobobo Says:

    uhhhhh welll could do better needs a teen to see it they look like 2 year old rooms and who jail broke the beds?

  14. a girl who is finding room designs Says:

    i really liked all of them , they are all pretty and i like the beds with the ladder and in the bottom is closets ! what a cool idea ! (:

  15. Raven Says:

    These ideas are tacky. im 16 and i would rather have a room with more class than these rooms shown.

  16. hannah johnson Says:

    please add more pictures please……its just limited

  17. Monica Says:

    I actually love the furniture but it looks like it is cheaply made and will probably break at my house with my kids;) Also most of them look like for a little kid and not for a teenager. Get rid of the stripes!!

  18. 17 yr old Says:

    Looks like maybe a pre-teen’s room not a teen’s, but how the heck are you supposed to sleep in those things?? The mattresses are thin, the beds just don’t look comfy and there’s no “room” for comforters or at least something on the bed other than a sheet. Dont love the stripes and the colors are too dull for me. I think if you’re a teen and you want a purple room, you want bright neon, amazing purple. The kind that would be in a blacklight. Not some kind of Razzle-dazzle, tickle me elmo, baby nursery’s purple.. But that’s just me. The furniture doesn’t look sturdy and I agree with some of the other comments, it looks kind of cheap.. Pretty good idea though, headed in the right direction =)

  19. Dash Says:

    Cute designs but those aint teen, they look like for a 5 year old. Still liked them.

  20. Rosalita Gonzalez Says:

    Being a teenager myself who is looking for ideas for redecorating her own room, I am certainly not impressed. These designs look like they are made for toddlers, most definitely not teenagers. I mean those colors are screaming nursery room all over, and the green is just too puke green for my liking.

    And I agree with other comments when they say that furntiture looks cheap, it really does and, not to mention, very uncomfortable.

    Once again, very disappointed…. needs improvement.

  21. alicia Says:

    I am a teen and none of these rooms apeal to me. They all look like my sisters dorm room. Teens want a comfy, roomy, home-like room, not a bland, crowded area. Trust me, I know.

  22. Allison Says:

    The bunks have no side guard. Dangerous.

  23. amanda Says:

    this bedrooms ideas are wonderfull, but if you let me know where can i buy the sergi furniture my teen loves the idea but we can not find the furniture anywere thanks amanda

  24. brittany Says:

    i love the stripes yall r just haters

  25. Alina Says:

    I’m looking for a new room right now and i love the purple ones!
    Please tell me where i could buy them and tell me the name of the producer.
    Thanks a lot

  26. Daniella Jean Says:

    Im 15 and i lovee these ideas, looks very expensive though XD
    people actually live like that? (in my dreams ;D)

  27. Julie Says:

    For families with kinds is sometimes difficult to design perfect room for them. It is a part of house or flat and it should look as good as rest of the house. But designing isn’t always easy because teenagers are hard to please. I like the ideas how Sergi‘s works are done in different beautiful but not very contrast colours and are cool as for boy as for girl. All presented pictures are inspiring and full of cool ideas, like the storage under beds…. He created a nice place for living, learning, playing and dreaming and I think we can do the same in our houses.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best regards,

  28. Kendra Says:

    When i was a teenager i would not be in a room with micky mouse on the wall.Im sure the designers need more in put from teens but for a small room these layouts are very nice.The style needs upgrading to be more for teens though.

  29. sonakshi Says:

    these bedrooms are very conjusted.i wanted something spacious.

  30. sarah Says:

    these rooms are brilliant for space saving ideas my boys would love a room like one of these

  31. john Says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble folks. these are now REAL. I do computer designs such as these. It is a computer simulation, this is why it seems a bit strange to look at.
    Let’s really work on our comments: “i would kill for this” “i would die for this” “it my dream room” … use some actual thought, and not just comments that really MEAN nothing.

  32. John Smith Says:

    This ideas are very good for my bedroom.


  33. Avril Says:

    These rooms r 2222222 balm! I’m totaly remodelin my room n these pics jus gave me the gr8est ideas! instead of stripes though, I’ll go 4 polka dots. Raz!

  34. Christina Says:

    Achei todos os quartos lindos!Decorados de uma forma simples, mas que ficaram muito bonitos. Vou aproveitar e pegar essas idéias para construir o meu quarto aqui no Brasil.

  35. SOOO COOL ! Says:

    these rooms are very nice i like them soo much i want the green room !! congratulationss nice work !

  36. LOVE IT Says:

    very nice room !!

  37. Marie Says:

    These are all awesome bedrooms but most of the bunks don’t have side guards, thats dangerous. Though great great work on design, colors, and furniture.

  38. zippy girl 13 finding room layouts Says:

    omggg i absouloutly love this it iz perfeeeecccct and creative i thank u so much!

  39. taziie Says:

    like some i would alsoo agree, teenzS need more sophisticated rooms and they also need spacious spaces. its not exactly the ideal room i would like to have for myself, they should be more expressive and colourful. but it was a good attempt although i think kids would rather prefer these bedrooms for themselves rather than teenagers.*x*

  40. Blake Says:

    I go to a private boarding school and the rooms look like the rooms in the pictures, each room is different in our school so it will feel less like a school. For a boarding school those rooms are great because the room in the school aren’t huge so we need a lot of storage space but for a room at home it looks too little and everything looks kinds cheap but it’s still pretty.

  41. jj Says:


  42. jj Says:

    i wished thats how my room looked.awsome

  43. nona Says:

    These are killer rooms!!!! these are like dream rooms for teen girls

  44. emily Says:

    how’s this for thought?
    john is a bitch and shouldn’t tell people how to write comments.

  45. Jessie Says:

    Me , myself being a teen i love these ideas, but i would have no idea where to find furniture like this & would it be extremely expensive? but i really like them , and i am redoing my room because we are moving, and i would love to do something like this ,especially because my new room is small (:

  46. quinie Says:


  47. quinie Says:


  48. whatever Says:

    These all look like shit. And they have stupid artwork (mickey mouse… wtf?) a teen would hate these rooms. Bad, bad work.

  49. samantha Says:

    they look neat wish i new the price probably expensive

  50. Jessica Says:

    Those rooms are so BORING! Really? They are all the same! I just re-did my room, and at least it has character! These are.. well just blah.

  51. Jessica Says:

    Plus, what teenager has Mickey Mouse pictures on their bedroom wall? Also, the designs aren’t realistic, they are expensive and probably aren’t in stores. Maybe if you go on e-bay and search for a year, but still. Double epic fail, I could design better rooms than that.

  52. kelly Says:

    Hey i just wanted to say that do you have more styles in blue. because i want to paint my room in blue but i dont know what type of blue or how to put all my items in my room. im 14

  53. zoe Says:

    hi i have a kinda big room but need to fit three girls in it ages are 18, 5 and 12 and do not know a good layout they all have single beds and one cabinet each plus a wardrobe and the 5 year old likes to play with her toys on the floor plus the 18 and 12 year olds need a cabinet for there make up strainers and a hair-dryer

  54. Jason Says:

    If i were to make the second room how much would it cost and were could i find all of the stuff?

  55. Traci Says:

    How can we find what the name of the paint color we like is on this website?

  56. Sarah Says:

    there should be one of these shops in australia.. xD

  57. lexi Says:

    i really would like a nice room . these r cool ideas but i would like a very colorful bedroom when we move in our new house

  58. Maddi Says:

    i LOVE these rooms…. this is my 5th time looking at them…. i really want a room like the 17th one but we cant afford it. my family has been through so much in the last 2 years. first my mom got in a car accident and we had to live at my grandmas house while my mom recovered from back surgery… me, my mom and my brother all shared a room… then we moved out and got our own place and now i have my own room. i am looking for a job so i can do my room like one of these but having no luck…. :(

  59. olga mantsiou Says:

    it was so usuall !nothing different ! a room like the others

  60. Maggie Says:

    awsome room kol ideas but someroom seem really grown upish im mean really

  61. Haley Says:

    You guys should shut your fucking mouths if you have nothing nice to say. opinions like that need to be kept to yourself, or you’re going to learn the hard way.

  62. Haley Says:

    Jessica Says:
    July 6th, 2010 at 1:01 am
    Plus, what teenager has Mickey Mouse pictures on their bedroom wall? Also, the designs aren’t realistic, they are expensive and probably aren’t in stores. Maybe if you go on e-bay and search for a year, but still. Double epic fail, I could design better rooms than that.

    I’d like to see you do it Bitch.[:
    Lots of people like Mickey mouse Lol, so you should think before you say stuff. You make me laugh harharhar har har.x3

  63. mook Says:

    I’m 13 and I really like these rooms , they hot.
    they amazzing, I want alll the purple ones.
    I REALLLY EXTRELY do NOT think those would be fit for a 5 year old, they would probably most likely fall off the high end beds. and why would 5 year olds have computers??? Anyone tell me, please. and i don’t think a 5 or 7 year old would have THAT many books in their rooms.

  64. ayush rajgarhia Says:

    i am 16….and i absolutely adore the way the small spaces are used to make a much more than beautiful area to live in….its brilliant stuff ;)

  65. Becca Says:

    I’m 16, & I think these room ideas are interesting. They’re beautiful & simplistic, but they seem unrealistic. That being said, they’re great inspiration for me, since I’m in the process of re-doing my room. Cheers!

  66. jared Says:

    where can I buy these beds in the US?

  67. Missy Says:

    Omg Im 13 and i luvv these rooms especially the purple one.I would be so happy if i had one of these 4 myself


  68. Sandy Johnson Says:

    Wow I would take Idea from these rooms to build up my daughtr’s room. And I know she would love it.
    With love

  69. william martinez Says:

    I’m interested in buying. can someone let me know how and where. You would think if its shown online, that it would be simple like every other online store. i really want this for my daughter.
    thank you

  70. Supper time Says:

    I want this bed plzzzzzzzzzz help me!!! sniff I want this bed soooo much helo help i have looked all over the internet for the bed help me

  71. william martinez Says:

    I don’t think no one reads our comments. I have been waiting for an answer on how n where to buy and i’m still waiting. So why would the designer have her work be put in the internet if we can’t purchase them….sucky……..if anyone knows anything, please reply..
    thank you

  72. birju Says:

    unbelievable nice

  73. Alison Says:

    Uh… first of all the only colors were orange, purple, and green. Second of all no teen would want something as plain and boring as that. And all of those ideas were for a super small room… UGLY NO TEEN WOULD WANT ANY OF THIS SHIT…. (No offense)

  74. Silver C. Says:

    Wow. Though I’m more impressed by the fact this is all 3D. None of this is actual real furniture or a bedroom for that matter. Kudos to Sergei’s skills in photorealistic 3D.

    As for the actual design, my critique is that well the dimensions of the furniture are a bit off, particularly the beds. The beds are too narrow and too short to say they are for “teens”. The dimensions strike me is that it’ll fit a child, but not a teen.

    To be fair, the designs shown are great place to look for ideas, in terms of bedrooms with limited space or have unusual shape (my previous bedroom was like that). I’d rather point this out as a general reference in placements of furniture. As an actual design for a teen’s bedroom, it’s mediocre at best.

  75. Maleah Says:

    Please add more pictures these are really neat!

  76. debrilian Says:

    i really like these rooms! i wonder what are the size of the room?? i’d like to build one :)

  77. rebecca Says:

    ok, as a teenage girls myself i do NOT like these ideas whatso ever they are too plain teens like neon colors animal print just work fashion into a bedroom now with ur guys creativity i think you can make it work

  78. Biinky Mariie Says:

    OMG!!! I just love these rooms!! Im gonna make my mom have my room done like one of these.. they are soooooo modern ! i love it!!! im gonna cry…. :’)

  79. Dina Says:

    These rooms look boring and similar to each other

  80. roo Says:

    For some reason some of the pillows look almost as if they are floating above the bed, as in almost touching it…but doesn’t look like they’re actually placed on the bed. lol, I don’t know if my eyes are just deceiving me or what.. :S anyways though, the bedrooms are pretty and have great ideas but I think they look just a bit TOO clean for my taste haha, but yeah, great job :)

  81. michael Says:

    i’m eighteen and i think these bedrooms are amazing. i’d love a bedroom like one of these [especially 2 or 13].

  82. Meghan Says:



    I’m so getting the last one.

    But, I mean,

    the beds don’t look that comfy.

  83. Makenna Says:

    It’s ok but it seems like all the rooms are the same with different colors and set up, and also the furniture looks very exspensive especially for a teen. Also the rooms in general are just a little bit to boring, teens want something fun and relaxing for their room, a place to chill. Not some old uptight 30 year old room design. But hey thetas just me.

  84. christie Says:

    omg these rooms are amazing . I’m redesigning my room and i want one where can I get them
    thx and keep up the great desigins

  85. zara Says:

    yea there are no links taht show u where to buy these things, or anything similar to it…i really want to buy these so repli asap pleez!

  86. bex Says:

    i really like the ideas for these rooms… but there arent enough colors and arent 4 big rooms like mine:( im kinda looking for a more punk, rebellious room and mickey mouse (i like him but wouldnt hang a picture of him up)??? these all look REALLY expensive and i dont know where i could get a bed like that… but they r still good for ideas:)

    p.s. if u dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything. i am 12 years old and i absolutely HATE it when people use bad words

  87. eabha Says:

    hi i love these rooms but i was wondering roughly what price are the rooms especially the purple ones and are the beds normal single size beds because the look very small! please reply!!1

  88. vanessa Says:

    these are children’s rooms, not teens

  89. Emma :) Says:

    i loveee these rooms, but where can i get these colours of paint from and the furniture!!!!! plz help!!:)

  90. mag Says:

    wow these are frikin BORING THEY ARE all the same THERE IS NO ORIGIONALITY!!

  91. MEEP Says:

    So these rooms aren’t every teenager’s DREAM room. Well, sorry to burst your bubbles but most of you aren’t going to get your dream room, and although some of these rooms look quite small that is the point. Most of our rooms are that small, and so what if some of it looks cheap, it’s not like you’re being forced to have it. These rooms are ideal for teenagers who want modern, clutter-free rooms even on a budget with a small room.

    These rooms are realistic and use clever storage solutions, and they are affordable, so what is the point of browsing through massive, expensive rooms which you will never get, when you can browse through rooms like these. The only problem I have with this website is that it doesn’t say where everything is from.

  92. Elizabeth Jane Villarreal Says:

    Im sorry but this was boring! Get rid of the stripes! Use big stars instead, and dont use baby colors like the yellow. I liked the red tho, you can also use a bright green a dark purple and other colors like that. Dont use pictures like that. Most teenagers love music so get some bands or music notes up on the wall and get funky lamps and cool fuzzy pillows :3 (i love fuzzy pillows^^) and for guys just plain pillows with batman or something i dont know what guys like >.< These are good rooms but for kids not teenagers.

  93. Jennie Says:

    Kool ideas, Im re-doing my room cos it hasnt been canged in like a year so im getting really bored of it. So these really help, thanks. And if u look closely theres a picture of micy mouse or tiger in every bedroom :p, anyway thanks 4 the ideas.

  94. melanie Says:

    i love the first room…… i just convinced my mom to get me everything in it….:)

  95. G Says:

    I said I was 16 not 6…

  96. cphfpdoyogoh Says:

    why are you saying bad things about the rooms? if you dont like them DONT COMMENT. doe!
    these are peoples bedrooms, i bet yours is a mess and looks like poo?!? just get some friends. the bedrooms are gorgeous btw;-)

  97. cphfpdoyogoh Says:

    everybody stop saying bad things about the bedrooms!
    if you dont like them DONT COMMENT. doe!
    bet yours is a pile of poo. so you cant talk, these are peoples bedrooms… you wouldnt like it if people were talking about yours like that would yah?!?

  98. Marie Says:

    I love the last green one in the list *-*
    I wish I could have my room look like that.

  99. Natalie Says:

    I think that these gave me an idea of what im going to do!!!


  100. IDEAS!? Says:

    Ehh, there kinda dull and plain. Im looking for something more entertaining, there really cool and all. Just not my type..

  101. Maggy Says:

    Need info on where I can buy

  102. EMILY WEAVEZ Says:

    cool room ideas im moving soon and i like thee ideas but wat sucks is tht all these rooms would b expensive i like the purple ones and the purple and green ones and i like the green ones so i am defenitly going to base my room of one of one of these. also i hv one questian wat kind of teenager puts mickey mouse pics in their room…..um lets c NO ONE, NOBODY

  103. jenn Says:

    nice and cool room for teens. really appreciated.

  104. evonn Says:

    i really really love it…the best!

  105. Nicole Says:

    I am a teen. 14 years old. Female.
    I love these ideas. They are so modern, but creative. I am not one to like modern. I wouldn’t put mickey on my wall, but doesn’t mean I like him. Who ever is hating on this guy for putting him on the wall is cruel. He wasn’t into accessorizing, he was in to the actually bedroom. I love this work. I would love to find out where I could find some of this, even though this works in a small room. I have a really big room.

  106. Sydney Says:

    I think the rooms are a bit boring, they need a color splash, I understand some rooms are like that, but you guys have ALL of your rooms like that. And also I’m not sure many Teenagers would appreciate disney characters on their walls, thats what you guys show in the picture frames.

  107. Lils xxx Says:

    Wow i want a bedroom like one of these ;D

  108. gabriel pantaleon Says:

    nice rooms,how much is the price of the fifth room??the bed on the top of the pc??can i know the price and where can i buy those here in the philippines??thanks.hope you will reply..

  109. samy Says:

    I love the color schemes……..simply gr8!

  110. Emily brrok Says:

    Hello, Guys i dont think your looking propely. There on here for IDEAS! soo for example yeah they all look the same but you migth decide you like a colour on here. Also its desighned for small rooms because if you have alrge room you can extend the desighn but if they had shown it for a lare room people like myself would find it hard to mkae it smaller. Also i am a teen and i absoutly love it! Us teens are not into fairies and princesses but mor summer/funky styles an thease are quite cool! And i love how they add the mickey mouse etc pictures it just addds a slight childish part on it! x

  111. rahul rajput Says:

    it is just awesome and the purple one is coollllll!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$

  112. Gabbyyyyyyyyy Says:

    wow i love the red-and-white striped bedroom (the one with the two beds) and the purple bedroom! (the one with the elevated bed). my mom said that if i get good grades then during the summer i could re-make my room entirely, so I might use one of these rooms as a base. i live in an apartment so my bedroom is quite small. these are very useful :) wonderful work!

  113. samantha Says:

    the rooms are really nice i really like the first one but im not a teen yet but im going to be getting a really big bed room next year so one of these ideas would be nice thx alot


  114. Mohamed Says:

    please feedback me, how can i have one of these rooms, i’m in egypt and need one room to my kids?

  115. Amy Says:

    where can you buy the bed in the first picture the one with the purple room with the cabinets below it?????? I LOVE THAT BED AND I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE PLEASE HELP

  116. kitty meow Says:

    i love all of the green ones but these rooms are to neat id like to see myself in one of these rooms but there too neat

    but i ♥♥♥♥♥ these rooms any who

  117. sss Says:

    luv these rooms they r awsome

  118. ellie Says:

    omg love them. anyone know how much theyd cost

  119. ellie Says:

    love them!, but i wish i could see them in deifferent lightin. becuase. what if they didnt lok good in my lighting becuase i only have a small window
    that lets in barely any light

  120. Izzy Says:

    #7 looks great for an otaku lover like myself =3=

  121. Liz Says:

    These rooms were soooooooooooooooooooo cool and they had lots of space for everything but I’m not sure my mom would let me do this.

  122. paulina Says:

    where can I find the rolling chair in room #8? or what is the designer of it.

    PS: love the bedrooms!

  123. Marie Says:

    Why aren’t there any pink rooms??? >:O I totally hate this website. Ya know, teenage girls like the color PINK. Not that ugly orange color. Or the red and white stripes. They all look really gay. So keep in mind that this website shall not survive if you don’t have any pink rooms on display. And I will make sure that happens. >:D MWAHAHA.

    ~ Manatees are not wanna be walruses. Just so y’all know. (;

    Buhbye, Lovey’s.

    See you next year at our family reunion. :D

  124. lora Says:


  125. Jay Says:

    I really like it, except I feel as if they have no character or charm. I do like the smart storage ideas, but the room are a bit dull. They are very modern and not very cozy. I can’t imagine myself having any fun in this room because of it perfection.

  126. Maisie Says:

    I think the person who designed this used all the same furniture but in different varieties and rooms. I think the designer did a very good job, they are obviously a very creative person:)

  127. mary Says:

    ooh i did not like it it is very simple and nothing great i did not like it ! i did not like it! i did not like it!!!

  128. Amez Says:

    I want one of these rooms!!

  129. aish Says:

    yamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nice ideas

  130. rdd Says:

    will it was really great room for kids but still have to comply with the clients wants before we can say that it was a good design.

  131. Lexi Says:


  132. Mercedes Says:

    I really like this designs and the beds, please let me know where can I get them.

  133. Willow Says:

    I liked the rooms but they need a little more fun i do like the organizing idea and the color but it needs a little more randomness and cozyness ya know

  134. Steph Says:

    These are good ideas for smaller bedrooms. Teens need a bright space to work and sleep, and the small but functional bed and work spaces provide that. I’m not a fan of all of the bright colors, but I think the general concept is good.

    As for the beds not having rails, I have bunkbeds in my room and have never fallen off, despite the small rail. How often do you fall off your bed? Maybe once in your life? Bunk beds are no different, they are just taller. I like the sleek design of the beds, my bunkbeds take about 1/3 of my room.

  135. MANCHIT KALRA Says:


  136. Alexandra Says:

    I think the designs would be great for a dorm room, like in college or something, ya know? The rooms are smaller than a normal one, plus besides the bed, desk, and storage, there isn’t much room for anything else. I do love the orginazation and style the “creator” has, though. Totally amazing:) Plus, I agree with the other comments, the beds don’t look big enough for other bedding other than sheets, but I suppose that’s just for show. You probsbly could buy bigger beds, or at least mattresses that will still fit on the beds.

  137. Alexandra Says:

    whoops, meant probably not probsbly:) my bad

  138. Sara Says:

    Where do you purchase the drawers that make the platform in picture #9?
    My daughter is looking for exactly that type of bed

  139. 13 yr old Says:

    I am 13 and i apsolutly hate these room!!! They look like they were made for a 5yr old not a teenager!! They look cheap and u cant wont get a good nite sleep on the mattresses.

  140. Kayla Says:

    I am decorating my new room atthe moment but I dont think those in the pictures have much charecter

  141. Rachel Peterson Says:

    In my opinion, These rooms look very cozy. I am a teenager and I do enjoy the colors of many of the rooms. I will admit that the beds are pretty tiny. Although i think it fits well with the whole room. The disney pictures have to go though. I’m trying to become an interior designer and your designs have really inspired me (: also .. I’m trying to re-do my room. (No luck yet)

  142. beanie Says:

    these rooms r amazing!!!
    i want 1 NOW!

  143. xtratress Says:

    Is it just me or do the beds look like they would only accomodate a midget or small child?

  144. Steffi Says:

    i luv all these but my fave is #7! i have like all antique furniture and stuff and they’re all so modern! luv em!!!

  145. Rhiannon Says:

    im 13 and i think these bedrooms are AMAZING!! but where do you buy the furniture?? please reply :)

  146. coco Says:

    im remodling my room and i love the purple beds all of them where do i find them rlly i need to no befor sept 25 for my b day party helpppppppppppppppp

  147. Yvonne Says:

    My 20something daughter loved the designs. It brings together space saving options while utilizing one wall as a primary focus, thus leaving the rest of the room open for activity. My 9 year old daughter loved it. We are a family that considers that less is more, these designs deliver that. They also offer a way to de-clutter and hide the things that guests do not want or need to see. As far as mattresses go, every country has it’s own preferences, bunk beds un the u.s.a. Do not have box springs, but the height of the mattress does seem taller, the side railings should accommodate this slight change.

    Overall the ergonomics of the design reminds me of ikea however, this has much more style. While many complain of the colors, I feel they are a great foundation to work from. Your not going to have a room to fit everyone’s style or taste, the structure and bones of the room provide a great starting point. You examples open the mind to new, trendy, forward thinking design.

    Best wishes with your products.

    Mother of three

  148. Rachel Says:

    I’m a teen, and my room looks nothing much like any of these, i just wanted to say for those who want some ideas, ive done a few magazine clipping collages, and collages of my friends, and stuck them on the wall and it makes my room far more individual. So maybe these designs could be more original and less like what you’d expect.

  149. miah Says:

    hey this dont look cheap at all

  150. yesyyy.♥ Says:

    Taaa(: , thesee rooms are NOT reall!
    there like computer designed….

  151. AnonymousTaste Says:

    If I was 4’2″, had no clothing, and no possessions to my name aside from a prop computer, and a duffle bag, these rooms would be ideal.

  152. crystal Says:

    omg i wish i had one of these rooms so awesome!!!!!

  153. Josh Says:

    The designs are interesting… or should I say design, they all pretty much look the same. I mean the only difference is the color. I admit that they are interesting room designs but where the hell are you going to find the furniture, Narnia? and if you do find it, it’ll probably be horrible quality or extremely overpriced. Plus I’m sure that my kids would wreck a room like this in a week, and that’s probably the same for a lot of other parents…

  154. ILOVETEHEM! Says:

    I want one of these. if I’m in another country, can I still get them? or can I order them?

  155. bella56 Says:

    Small Rooms! very small
    and alot the same and more quiality on desks

  156. alize khan Says:

    nice rooms

  157. alize khan Says:

    All rooms are pretty

  158. deborah Says:

    the rooms are okay but for kids cause as teens we need space, bright colours(black and another bright colour) and some fun stuff not this. My little sblings will love it but not me.

  159. tony Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where you get the bunk beds from, i really want one and how much do they cost!!!!

  160. Patricia Ackels Says:

    WHERE can you buy this furniture?

  161. mary Says:

    Where can I buy the furniture in the first and fifth room? I asked this question on Facebook too!!!!!

  162. Jasmine Hill Says:

    Dear Digs-Digs,
    Please could you send me contact details as i am very interested to purchase some furniture for my children…

    Many thanks,

  163. Karyn Says:

    I Don’t like these rooms. and it look stupid. PLus it look Expensive!!!!!!!!! I love JUSTIN BIEBER!

  164. laura Says:

    PLease tell me where the furniture is from on the last one ?

  165. nisa Says:

    found this very helpful..especially furniture is at a premium price…making with cheaper materials and a handy hubby helps cost. Thank you for submitting your designs. One question though…would like to see the use of more modular furniture…either beds that go up into wardrobes. dual functional furniture.

  166. May Bear. Says:

    Puke, Im 14 going on 15. and EW? These rooms are for TODDLERS!!!! Extreamly dissapointed…. Groady… /:

  167. AHMED Says:


  168. Tamara Pollard Says:

    well im an 11 year old girl and i love these designs my room is very similar to these only bright pink with purple circles im a smart girl but i still luv to chill out with my friends in my room. keep up the good ideas :) :) :)

  169. Nicole Says:

    I want to buy one !! Where can I get on ?

  170. Hannah Says:


    I REALLY like these ideas!! Please make more of them so we could buy them, PLEASE!!! I don’t care if it has Mickey Mouse on the wall! It’s not like it comes with the furniture! I especially love #9 and #17. Not because they’re purple, I bet they would come in different colors right? And I’m not even a teenager yet! I’m only 11. Anyways, PLEASE leave us a phone number to order these or sell them at your own store! It would be VERY popular!! Atleast sell the ideas to home depot and let THEM do all the hard work!! ;)

  171. hana Says:

    thats cool i love it i want the first room!!!!
    can i????????!!!!!!!!!

  172. HONEYBEE Says:


  173. chris Says:

    teen speaking these rooms sssssssssssssuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkk nice colors though

  174. Shauna Evans Says:

    Cracker of bedrooms

  175. Maddie Says:

    Does anyone know a website you can get good storage beds like these?
    Thank you,

  176. Hannah Says:

    I like the rooms, as my last comment said, but did anyone notice that on #9 the side of the matress looks like it’s made of wood…? O.o

    I hope you did. I don’t wanna be the only one…

  177. jessica jackson Says:


    were do i find stockists of these beds, i am really interested in some of the bunk beds and think they would be perfect for my boys room who share.

    jessica jackson

  178. PERSON12 Says:

    All of the rooms are AMAZING but it takes a RICH person to buy/make this who would waste there time…..

  179. Danielle Says:

    All the same just differsnt colours, and there to plain

  180. vanessa Says:

    i love the rooms for my cousin sis amara what who me ha these things do not make me impressed i have boysh and a funky bedroom

  181. Anonomous Says:

    They are all so cute, but none in my price range and not my style! But I bet good for other people! :)

  182. Kelly Says:

    I would like to know who makes these beds and how to purchase them.

  183. Mary Says:

    Where can you buy these beds?
    I think you should put that on the website?

  184. eddie Says:

    these are the BEST BEDROOMS EVER
    nobody can call these bad as they are GREAT!
    keep up the good work!

  185. Jayden Says:

    Did anyone else notice that every photo basically had a disney photo in it..

  186. jessie Says:


  187. Tess Says:

    I LOVE the ninth one but I would be paranoid in case anything fell on my head lol :p

  188. nomaan Says:

    will u tell me plz ,is all i see ,is a dream!

  189. zack Says:

    I am a 15 year old male and I would never forgive my parents till they died if they made my room this disgusting. We’re kids/teens, we are not worried or care about modern day trends. We like a place thats chill and most of all comfortable. These rooms look about as comfortable as a couch covered in plastic shoved up my ass.

  190. Clover Blooper Says:

    All the rooms are soooooo clean & pretty

  191. Destiny Says:

    I don’t get it. Why are they all so bright. They are great designs but my opinion Is that there should be some designs that are gothic or just dark and include lots of medieval accessories such as candles and lanterns

  192. steff Says:

    this rooms look relly nice, its just simillar and its for a small spaced room.

  193. Ashley Says:

    ok i LUV to do stuff with my room :P but i cnt pick something to stay with at ALL….im gunna do my room over the summer but i just dont know what to do. my main colores are black and white and pink but nothing really ever come with those colors. either its pink and black or pink and white or black and white. never all 3…what should i do to make my room me?

  194. Aqua Says:

    Some of these rooms are pretty awesome but stripes and picture’s of mickey mouse and rabbits are just babyish also whats the point in putting all these designs on the web without telling people the cost and where you get the stuff.
    Anyway this has given me some new ideas for my room so hey whatever.


    if you say that the room is plain or you don’t like the colors then you can spice it up yourself. you don’t have to have an exact replica of the room. if you would like less dull colors then use brighter ones on your walls. you can brings in all sorts of colors through paint and accessories. and if you “out grow” the accessories then you can change them. these rooms aren’t meant for big rooms. i agree teens do need spacious rooms, but not all teens have them. so if you are looking for a great space saver creative look these are perfect. there is one flaw, no one seems to know how to find a price or where to buy these. one of the comments said that these looked computer generated, they might be but who knows. these are great ideas for space saving and teens who love space but don’t have enough. beds take up a lot of space, but you don’t have to worry about this now. these are going to be hot when they sell. oh and one last thing, the mickey mouse, tiger pooh and other photos are just to add some other color. i personally love them and i am 14. people need to think about what they say before they post as well. you can not delete these post! be careful. i love the rooms! if i can’t find any to order then my dad said that he would make it for me! best of luck with your ideas.

  196. Subani Says:

    Really loved your marvellous ideas and got to know that we could to really much in such small rooms ……simply awesome :) :)

  197. maddie Says:

    So I really love these rooms, but I want to know what you call the bed in the 7th picture? They aren’t bunk beds exactly, and they aren’t lofts. So what is it? And if you know where I can buy it or something like it, could you tell me?

  198. Doo Says:

    Cool man

  199. Ashley DaSilva Says:

    i honestly like the beds very much and i love the stripe idea by the way im 18 and i think who ever created these ideas has a very creative mind i actually got one of these costome made with only one change the size of the bed thats all i didnt really like and thats just me
    :) thanks for the ideas :)

  200. mikel Says:

    were can you buy these beds

  201. Helpp Says:

    How much are these? And what are the measurements?

  202. Doo Says:


  203. pickle1122 Says:

    where can i buy these rooms please answer ASAP i need to know!

  204. Anna Kindstrommer Says:

    i like it but the walls are empty so it kinda looks like a doll house…

  205. Kel Says:

    Mostly I would think this would be little kids around the ages of 4,5,6,7 its very nice but not for a teen the stripe one was really weird and it way to bright for a teen my opinion

  206. Amanda Says:

    These are wonderfull design ideas for *small* rooms.. which is why everything is so bundled up together and simple.. some people say no character.. I was only looking at the furniture and furniture placement. Not everyone is blessed with a big beautiful house. These have given me great ideas for my 7 yr olds 11X11 bedroom. I was scared to have a bed right next to a shelf or desk but these photos have shown me it can be done and not look horrible. Pair these designs with IKEA furniture and DIY Skills and we should beable to make our daughters room complete with room to spare.

  207. maddie Says:

    lovin’ the purple strips with the double bunks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. joanna Says:

    how can you buy these beds i need to know ASAP!!!

  209. diana Says:

    very good i like it so much but dont you make bathrooms

  210. sam Says:

    I love the designs where can I buy a bed like these, i need one for my son

  211. shaina Says:

    None of these gay room are cool!!

  212. ုkhinnandarwin Says:

    nice .. all of those color are nice … if i have a chance living with my family.. i am sure to decorate my home and room like this…

    i wish may i get a chance to live with my mother next life peacefully and happily in one of those rooms…….

  213. marleey Says:

    i did not like any of them and to small of room for any of those to workm in them

  214. Sophie Moore Says:

    The rooms look so, like, lifeless and wierd. The beds are too square-ish and they look more like a colorful jail cell than a bedroom. I would like my room to be more comfy.

  215. rachel Says:


  216. Alex Says:

    I want one! I think that these rooms are totally adorable; but my most favorite one was the first one <3 With the purple. Love itt! Have a FANTASSTICC DAYY EVERYONE:D

  217. rosemarie Says:

    i lile some things and most of it look better in purple and i will make my room look like one of them. that is so much cool thing plue my stile and hair stuff my room will be omg. ttly.

  218. Katrina Says:

    WHERR DOES THIS FURNITURE COME FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

  219. Kammy Says:

    Does anyone actually know where to buy the beds at because im interested it 7,8,17 and would like to purchase domewhere???

  220. Kammy Says:

    My post at the end was somewhere not domewhere

  221. Haley Says:


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