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187 Teen Room Designs To Inspire You – The Ultimate Roundup

Tue, May 17, 2011 | Kid bedroom designs | By Mike

Over the years we gathered a lot of cool teen room designs here on DigsDigs. I wanna to make a roundup of all of them for you to make easier your search for inspiration.

There are some things you need to know before designing a teen bedroom. This room should reflects your teenager’s personality, have enough storage to keep it uncluttered, and provide everything necessary for comfortable sleeping and studying. Its design should feature bright colors, playful details and age-appropriate decor so your teenager wouldn’t mind to hang out with friends there. Believe me, you doesn’t want them at your living room or anywhere near to your dining area.

Of course you also want to make a budget friendly makeover of your kids room. That’s possible if you are creative enough to use standard furniture or to make it by yourself. Other decorative things won’t cost you as much as thoughtful furniture. Making teen room as cozy as you can and as multi-functional as possible in the amount of space available is really necessary because that will make your kid happy.

Here is the roundup of teen room ideas that we gathered here on DigsDigs over the years. Just click on pictures to see all ideas related to them.

17 Cool Teen Room Ideas

17 Cool Teen Room Ideas

10 Contemporary Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

10 Contemporary Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

15 Cool Ideas For Pink Girls Bedrooms

15 Cool Ideas For Pink Girls Bedrooms

60 Cool Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

60 Cool Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

50 Thoughtful Teenage Bedroom Layouts

50 Thoughtful Teenage Bedroom Layouts

12 Minimalist Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

12 Modern, Cool and Elegant Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cool Youth Bedroom Designs by Huelsta

Cool Youth Bedroom Designs by Huelsta

Modern Teen Room Designs by Pianca

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Old Comments

  1. Raquel Wieland Says:

    I need to visit a store with cool teenager room design.
    I have a 13 yrs girl and I am redoing her bedroom.

    Provide me an address in Toronto area.

    Thank you.

  2. Melyssa Says:

    I am a 13 year old girl in Iowa, I painted my room emo, (not that I am) I painted the walls flat black and then splatter painted over it with red ( so it looked like blood and I also have barbed wire painted on the wall in silver so it stood out and a a razor blade mirror and a black bed with all black sheets and a red comforter and bed skirt.

  3. @imthexgirl Says:

    Hey melyssa, i think ur room is great! i wish my room’s like thiiiss

    follow me, twitter: @imTheXgirl


  4. Kay Says:

    You could always Try PB Teen I’m 13 to and they have really Nice stuff there. Good luck with decorating her room. :)

  5. Naomie Says:

    These rooms are ok… but they don’t have a price tag! I really like the blue rooms and the contemporary rooms-they’re warm and stylish. Funny, half these rooms are missing beds :P
    would love to have a room maker like the IKEA one but for this.


  6. Princess Az Says:

    Heey, I am a 14 years old girl. I am redoing my bedroom; I would like to have a simple but amazing room, what colors do you suggest on me? (including the wall and furniture)

    I love colors of nature such as green, blue, yellow, purple.

  7. katie Says:

    these teen bedroom designs are so cute but they seem a little to neat for me likee yeahh

  8. iTickleUrTummy x3 Says:

    I’m a 12 yr old girl and I’m allowed to decorate my room, I like the colours hot pink, black, and white. any ideas?

  9. shortstuff Says:

    you could paint your room hot pink and have zebra accents

  10. aliapopia10 Says:

    im a 12 year old girl also and im allowed to decorate my room. my favorite collors are blues and blacks i like zebra print and i have a really small room any ideas

  11. chloe Says:

    hi im a 12 year old girl , i have a very small box room with a little alcove any ideas ?

  12. devan moats Says:

    im 11 almost 12 and I LOVE zebra print.I have a HUGE room. but i still dont know how to decorate it…..any ideas?

  13. Willow Says:

    I’m 15, and I don’t label really myself as “emo” or “goth”, but if you really must know I’m into dark quality things, metal/screamo/alternative music. I want to redecorate my room so that it reflects me. I’ve already had the idea of covering up one wall entirely with posters of my favorite bands, but I’m not sure about my bed layouts and the other walls. Ideas?

  14. Britten Says:

    These are cute rooms but I can’t find anything that fits my style. I wish they had more balck and white rooms.

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