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31 Meter Studio Apartment with High Ceiling and Comfy Interior

Sat, Jan 30, 2010 | Home design | By Mike

This 31 meter studio apartment is located in quiet location in Göteborg, Sweden. The building is more than one hundred years old but it was recently renovated and this apartment become modern and comfy place to live. It features a traditional for Sweden combination of pure white-painted walls and rustic polished wood floors. The apartment consists of a small hall, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. The kitchen and the living room both features nice views of building’s courtyard through quite big windows that also invites natural light into the apartment. In addition to that gorgeous ceiling height grants airy feel to the living room. The overall interior design is very livable thanks to Sweden traditions and small details like plants, photography frames and so on. [Photos by Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör]

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Old Comments

  1. Sheldon Says:

    Wow…what a lovely apt…and I absolutely love the wood flooring.

  2. Wolfie Rankin Says:

    Beautiful, I’d love to live in a place like that.

    However, why do designers insist on putting the loo right next to the bath or shower? the toilet should be alone, in it’s own little room, not next to the bath or shower… ever.

    What if a friend is staying with you and you’ve just got in the shower and he’d got “loose bowels” and has to go NOW? You’re there with soap in your eyes, can’t get out immediately… and the smell isn’t going to be great when you go back.

    I’m sure bathroom designers are not using their heads here.


  3. Glass Teapots Says:

    I really like those styles!

  4. wanker Says:


  5. Jan Says:

    It makes me look at all the ‘stuff’ we as Americans have which we really don’t need. It must feel good to live that simply without all the clutter!

  6. AberrantMonk Says:

    This is a lovely apartment, however where does one sleep? The couch does not appear to be a fold out bed. unless there is a murphy bed hidden somewhere that is not pictured having someone spend the night would be a bit treacherous.

  7. JHG Says:

    The place looks really luminous and well designed. By the way, nice interior photos, that really give justice to the flat. I particularly like the wood parquet, quite raw but well treated. Nice job overall

  8. nelle Says:

    @AberrantMonk – I recognise the sofa as an Ikea sofa which is hides a fold-out bed.

  9. godzilla complex Says:

    i’m sorry… but if you have that much money to spend on stylish furnishings, why would you be living in a studio apartment?

  10. YayHighCeilings Says:

    High Ceilings are amazing; it really opens up the room. I wonder if anyone ever felt comfortable in low ceilings?

  11. Yasmeen Says:

    Looks very IKEA, which is okay for some, but too informal for my taste. I think it could be brought up a notch with some better cabinets and better tiling in the bathroom.

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