45 Charming Vintage Home Offices

Romantic guys, pay attention! Beauty, romance and charm of old times – that’s what a vintage home office means. Look at these designs and you’ll see vintage of all kinds, even with masculine touches. To create such an atmosphere you’ll need some cute wallpapers, romantic lace curtains and, of course, furniture – mid-century or older, shabby chic or modern but looking old-fashioned – the best thing is natural wood and handmade pieces. Don’t forget the accessories – all this stuff should be old, cute and shabby. You may use your own pictures or book pages for decoration of walls. Unusual storage pieces like those made of kitchen accessories look so nice! The main color is white or beige, but you may take dark furniture for a dramatic contrast. Depending on your sex, add the details – masculine or feminine – and your stylish vintage home office is ready.

Source: pinterest

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