50 Ideas For Elegant Black And White Halloween Decor

Black and white is a classical color scheme that is always popular and fashionable. Choosing this scheme for Halloween party is a brilliant idea as it’s very elegant, stylish and suits even for the most formal party like a party with your colleagues. You can buy some faux black and white pumpkins, make some black garlands or wreaths. An interesting idea is a white room decorated with black ravens and spiders, add some skulls and it’s a success. Black and white tableware and tablecloths look exquisite, put some faux scary human body parts and stylish black and white treats – and your cool table is ready. Put black lace on a white pumpkin, white or black wreaths, white candles in black candelabra, and faux web. Below you’ll see some more ideas for stylish black and white Halloween party, get inspired!

Source: pinterest

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