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50 Thoughtful Teenage Bedroom Layouts

Wed, May 26, 2010 | Kid bedroom designs | By Mike

Teenage bedroom must have a very thoughtful layout. That’s so because teenagers have a lot requirements that should be considered in their room. If you’re going to design room for your kid or kids by yourself you must do that. Among things that teen bedroom should have and you should consider are: a lot of storage space, a thoughtful study place, a comfortable sleeping bed and a stylish look of the room. Depending on the room’s area and amount of kids that will live there you should carefully place all furniture and live some space for walking. In order to understand what layout is right for your teenage bedroom check out pictures below. They are done by Sergi, who already provided us with cool teen room ideas before.

p.s. If you have a small room for your kids then check out roundup of small teen room layouts.

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Old Comments

  1. dickhead Says:

    what is this trendy garbage? If you are going to waste your life designing something at least redesign your liver with alcohol

  2. jehan kuhl Says:

    “50 Thoughtful Teenage Bedroom Layouts”

    the first one is one of the most “Thoughtful Teenage Bedroom Layouts” in this selection.

    and thanks for the link to the “17 Cool Teen Room Ideas”
    yeah, thats cool teenager rooms! i am sure all teenagers just dream to have a room like this.

  3. Anonymouse Says:

    Apparently everyone sleeps under sheets and blankets not duvets. Seriously?

  4. Steve Says:

    Egads! Adults can not think like teenagers. These rooms look like they were designed by robot adults for robot teenagers. Honestly, these look for typical of modern “designers” who think teens dig this sort of thing. The environments are stale, boring, and lack anything interesting what-so-ever.

    What important to a teen? Music. TV. Movies. Friends. Internet. Toys. Stuffed animals – no, not “plush toys” – stuffed ANIMALS – call em the non-yuppie term, please. A teen’s room is their getaway, and own expression and should never be forced onto them in this way.

    All of these rooms look like offices.

  5. Jaymes Says:

    Why are all the bedrooms so small? Are they being punished and forced to sleep in a walk-in closet? Are these Japanese Designs, where space saving is essential? What;s the deal? All I know is that I need more room than that to be comfy…

  6. Breanne Says:

    you guys should propose this to schools :)
    its amazing ideas tho !

  7. Ashley Says:

    These are basically ideas for teen layouts that make convience of the space. Don’t get so worked up you guys, nobodys forcing anything on anyone. The reason they look so boring to you is because its not you, if it were your room, then you would be able to personalize it, and make it unique. The furniture, which is designed for space conveince, is pretty awesome in my opinon.

  8. andres Says:

    good ideas but… im not a robot!! there is not enough space!! where are the vivid colors, radios ,TVs, electric guitars,music posters, girls stuffed animals and all that??ah ?? cuz when you go to your room the first thing you do its RELAX!! .. so NO MORE ROBOT OFFICES NO MORE !! A LIL MORE REALISM ..bigger beds why?? cuz how im going to have a sleep over with my chick in those tiny lil bitty beds ah?? jk =P, MORE ENTERTAINMENT AN MORE COLORS!! AMEN

  9. lianahafsat Says:

    these r nyc rooms bt i hayt d beds. there is no way a person can sleep without the fear of falling down or anything. so pleahhhhhhhhhhhhuzzz!!!!!!!!!111

  10. Jamie Says:

    i want to know what the beds with 4 – 6 drawers underneath are called. and i want to find a website where i can purchase these.
    i think theyre really good, and save a lot of space. Wbq :D

  11. Vicky Says:

    Hey ! I saw all of these ideas and I absoloutly loved every one of them.
    This is totally my style and I was wondering where I could buy the furniture used in these designs. I was inforemed that some of the things came from IKEA, but when I checked the store’s site, the inventory doesn’t contain the furniture I was looking for. Please help.

  12. Stefanie Says:

    I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me where I can purchase these beds. Thanks!

  13. lol Says:

    these all look the same…

  14. sabrina Says:

    i think the ideas are superb! i love them. and im a teen. so yeah. got good sense of colours and the layouts are practical and good :)

  15. chee Says:

    Everything looks like variations of a single theme. How can this be clever?

  16. allison Says:

    The rooms are fantastic, and my kids loved them. It looks like Dearkids design- are they? I would like to know if you sell the furniture, and if not where I can buy them in the U.S. specifically Northern California.

  17. Dad Says:

    Maybe good for teenage European girls from the 1960s or something… my sons would have thought I was out of my mind if I gave them this.

  18. dunkluhv Says:

    Good designs!

  19. Dee Says:

    Im 16 yrs old and im moving in to a new house soon..i think these designs are awesome for my new room..except the fact that my room isnt exactly the size of a walk in closet.

  20. arpana Says:

    these rooms are heavens on earth

  21. nensi Says:

    i love the first bedrrom can u give me the price and other details such as the height and the length thank you also if u have other colors! :)

  22. coolchick Says:

    you guys are making fun because the space is small,right?well u guys are lucky u get to have a big room were my room is so stinking small it doesnt even have a closet so be thankful that u have a space that is big enough you can actually do something to it as im stuck with my room the way it is

  23. Deborah Says:

    I would love to know if these furniture really exist and where I can purchase them in the US, particularly in California. I’m moving into an apartment and will be redesigning my room. I’m in my mid-20s and I have a small bedroom. These designs fit perfectly except I can’t find these furnitures. ):

  24. Rachael Says:

    Im want these all for my room

    where can i get those beds with the drawers underneath, you know the brown one and it has no head board or that

  25. Jennifer Says:

    Great room ideas..Our daughters rooms are small and these ideas are great..was just wondering if these are kits or can you buy them like this..Please let me know where to find this furniture from

  26. Tim Kaiser Says:

    Awesome designs. My 3 teenage girls went crazy when they saw these slick designs. Question: Are any of these designs available in a kit or furniture package?

  27. hershy bars Says:

    these bedrooms areawesome. just that how much would it be to have someone install it for you at your house. i need to know the price. i need one of those rooms.

  28. mary Says:

    i saw many rooms decor but like this never makes me feel fantastic is the best i have ever seen bravo!

  29. lili Says:

    those are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. BlahBlahBlahh21 Says:

    i love the pink one.
    i really would like the buy the furniture in the picture though.
    does anyone have any ideas on where i could purchase the furniture??

  31. bill Says:

    these rooms r effin horrible like for real who would live in these rooms they r very TASTEFUL tho lol jk but for real im a teen n i would rather die than live n these rooms GET HELP for realz

  32. Emily Says:

    Hi I love these ideas for my daughter! Where are the beds from? Also where is the rest of the furniture from? Love these ideas! :)

  33. wtf Says:

    You know, the point of a bedroom that there is a comfortable BED in it right?
    Who deigns these, monkeys?

  34. dee Says:

    I thought those designs is suitable for houses with limited space or small apartment, just like most houses in Asia. Good storage organization n space usage effectively will become solution for small houses. just my 2 cents.

  35. Courtney Says:

    These room designs are absolutely wonderful for certain teens. Many of them in the category of ‘Geek’ if you go with labeling people. They’re spacious, yes, and if you’re a teen living in an apartment with a small room this would be perfect. They aren’t made to look exactly like you want it. It could easily be customizable. There aren’t many distractions so it would be perfect for someone in college.

    I’m a sixteen year old and I’d die for a room like this. My entire room is horribly small compared to others, and I like my space so I can dance/work out/study.

    When things are spacious, air flows so much better, so it’s perfect for hot summers, but I imagine it’d be kind of lonely and cold feeling in the winter time.

    The size of the beds are a bit small, but it could just be the pictures themselves, they look pretty comfortable to me. Hell, those could be memory foam. They look soft, and pretty relaxing.

    All of this depends on the person themselves, stop bitching like they’re forcing you to do this. It’s an opinion, it’s a design. It’s for someone with a bit more organized creativity.

    So all in all, my summarized opinion is this: Creative, spacious, useful, and relaxing.

  36. Savannah Says:

    I am a teen girl and NONE of these are “cool” “stylish” and fun. They are all plin and boring. Not to mention all look alike. I have a slanted celing so i can’t even do most of these looks. :(

  37. Sabrina Bella Says:

    I totally agree with Steve. These rooms look like offices. I mean, I’m a 16 year old girl and my ideal room would have loads of books, photos of me and my friends and family in frames all over the wall, nice stuffies, some art work, but nice stuff, not modern abstract things. Like a painting of a beach or of an animal or Venice or a forest or something like that. And I think some sort of theme is a good idea. And I don’t mean a color theme. Like I’m doing my room all beachy this summer with flowy curtains and lots of shells, I have all these antique boxes and a gorgeous little hand lantern plus lots of candles. My room is pretty much full of memories. I love putting up post cards, photos, stuff like shells, stones, little figurines, ect. that I’ve collected. And I think color is also important. These rooms are exceedingly plain and dull. Its boring just to look at. No normal teenager would want to live in a room like this. Its not fun, creative, interesting, exciting or anything. Except if your some freaky organizational, OCD, perfectionist I don’t think a room like this would satisfy someone between the ages of 13 and 18 in the slightest.

  38. Bobby Says:

    Everyone seems to be saying that all these rooms are boring because they’re not customized, however any normal teen WOULD change and personalize the room. These designs are just for inspiration or a base design not neccesarily set in stone

  39. Chantel Says:

    No disrespect but it’s one idea in different colors and the bed just moved slightly to the right or to the left!! They lack persnality and are depressing despite the nice colors

  40. Ashley Crepton Says:

    Gee whiz! These aren’t rooms 4 teens (like me)…THESE ARE OFFICES. OMG,like they are SOOOOOO boring and dull –‘ Are these japanese rooms? It looks like it,because everything in Japan is cooped up and tiny

  41. Andieexx Says:

    Okai well first these designs are going to cost loads of money and 2nd they have more space then i do i have a un suite but still only have a smallish bedroom :L so yea gonna be hard to afford this :[

  42. tony Says:


  43. Lauren Says:

    my room is like those i live in the us and my room is small the beds are called murphey beds enjoy

  44. AJAY KAPOOR Says:

    can any body tell me what is difference in all the rooms? all are same and boring.

  45. mhgfd Says:

    why are the rooms so tiny?

  46. roohi Says:

    iluv all the ideas the rooms aresuprb for every lifestyle

  47. Rose Says:

    In a teen’s perspective; I’m not as plesed as I thought I would be. It looks like a kid’s room when it comes to its design, color schemes and themes. The beds are way too small and I’m 5’5 in the age of 13. Tall right? And you expect me to sleep in that thing?
    I don’t like the idea that there are bunk beds. That could be nice for a family room or for sleepovers but a teen’s room is their sanctuary, theirs and theirs alone.
    Going back to my point earlier; I find it quite destructive with my height to wander around in a room filled with steel ladders. Not fun. Just change the title to Children’s Rooms ans I’ll probably shut up. Sorry, constructive criticism usually does suck. No hard feelings though. :D

  48. wanda Says:

    it looks neat and all but I think these are the kind of rooms that would pass for a very posh prison cell

  49. keeley Says:

    hey, im 15 and I just wanted some cool ideas for my new bedroom, but no way am I gonna be comfy in a bed like that?! sure they look pretty neat and stuff, but my room is bigger than a closet and will most likely be messier than that anyway! Can you do any styles or ideas with big rooms & normal sized beds?:L

  50. Destiny Says:

    if you guys have rooms bigger than that u r so lucky. i have a room smaller than that and i have to share i like the rooms so much but i cant re-design my room because im sharing it. if anyone is lucky enought to even have a walk in closet that big,… wow

    but i just love the rooms i will include some of these designs in my dream room drawings <3

  51. lily Says:

    where can you find beds like these?

  52. nina Says:

    where do u buy this stuff

  53. smarty Says:

    superb all mind blowing why cannot u add SOME MORE

  54. mhansen Says:

    I’m a teenager and I think these rooms are amazing… I only wish I could have one like this. I’m a college kid so I’m looking for any ideas to cut down on cluttered small spaces, and this is genius AND beautiful. I’m a teenager that knows other teenagers obviously, and I know all my friends love these types of things. Way to throw a label on us… parents speaking for their teenagers in the posts above? Stop throwing your ideas on your kids because we can think for ourselves. Just ask us for OUR opinions.

  55. teenager Says:

    Just yuk.Definitely don’t wanna live in any of those.Those are for robots I guess.

  56. ha no Says:

    can i just have a NORMAL teenage room? dude, we don’t want that.. that thing. all i was looking for was how i should design my posters/pictures on the wall and what basic color i should use. not to mention the tv and bean bag. stop trying so hard and just make an average room people would enjoy. i have a small basketball hoop on my door, too

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