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55 Glass Top Dining Tables With Original Bases

Mon, Jul 27, 2009 | Tables | By Margarita

Dining table is not only necessary element of any dining room but also the most important part of its interior design. Dining table is usually placed in the centre of the room and could be observed from every its part. That’s is why it must be perfect. One of the most amazing kinds of dining tables are glass top ones. Dining table with tempered glass top is very fashionable and durable both. Below you could admire to the best glass top dining tables by the famous producers and probably you’ll choose the one for yourself. There are ultra modern tables with crazy legs, more traditional ones with carved wooden or stone bases or even luxury tables decorated by Swarovsky crystals. All of them have very original and creative bases which change habitual dining table into an awesome part of dining room design.

Some of the sources:

If you liked some of these glass top dining tables models contact us to know its producer.

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Old Comments

  1. Edward Says:

    This is a wonderful collection you have brought together here. There are some extremely creative designers out there. I especially like the tree branch table legs. Great page.

  2. Designex Cabinets Says:

    Some stunning designs here. Many would look good at home, it’s so hard to choose.

  3. Melanie Says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a dining table base for a client, that I need to purchase ASAP. I’m interested in the first table and the one tenth from the bottom, with the two brown curved bases.
    Who carries these pieces?
    Thanks so much,

  4. Lena Says:

    I love the first base and would be interested in knowing who designed it and where I might be able to find it. Thank you.

  5. kevin Says:

    Who designs the first table on this site? This table is phenomenal.

  6. Sarah Says:

    Who designed the first dining room table on (55 glass top dining tables with original bases) it is amazing and just what I am looking for.



  7. Jennifer Says:


    Just wondering about some tables on the page titled, “55 Glass top tables with original bases”. I would like to know where I could get additional information on the first table pictured as well as, pictures 38 (2 purple chairs next to it) and 44.

    Thank you,Jennifer

  8. Mike Says:

    Those of you who are interested in the first table, check out this post – Tzsar by Selva

  9. Lena Says:

    to correct mikes spelling its from the product line Tsar by Selva is the main site.

  10. Lena Says:

    My bad he did spell it right just the link didn’t work for me. Sorry Mike thanks for the help though.

  11. Lois Cullen Says:

    How can I purchase one of these tables? Do you ship to Canada?

  12. Lois Cullen Says:

    Interested in purchasing a table

  13. Claire Carter Says:

    just seen the 55 glass tables. I like the 6th and the 11th table (going from the bottm of the page upwards). Who supplies these?



  14. Rick Says:


    I am interested in the dining table collection images 6 of 56 and 39 of 56. Can you please tell me who produces them and where I can purchase these from?


  15. Silver Design Interior Says:

    the design of this table (3) is realy remarkable

  16. Michele Bowen Says:

    I love the table that looks llike a gold tree with glass top. Where can I purchase this and how much is it? Thanks so much, Michele

  17. Jennifer Says:

    I obtained information on the first table. As stated, it is called Tszar by Selva. I called the headquarters in the USA and was told that the suggested retail price for the base alone is over $7,000. The price with the glass table top is over $8,000. Sorry, I have the exact numbers at home, which I am not. Additionally, they do not sell direct to the consumer. Orders must go through a distributor. The distributor may sell the table for less than the manufacturers suggested retail price but the lady stressed that the prices I listed are the maximum ceiling. They recommend the retailer not charge over that price.

  18. JEN Says:

    i am interested in table number 5 of 56…pls tell me where i can get more information on this table/base. price, shipping, erc…

  19. Haniya Says:

    Great job of compiling this list of funky glass top tables! I was interested in tables 44 and 45, can you please give the name of the sellers? Thanks again!

  20. Haniya Says:

    Oh and table 5 as well! Thanks!

  21. adriana Says:

    Hi, i LOVED the glass top dinig table #46. who is the manufacture? where can i find it????

  22. Sian Says:

    Hi, please advise who designed number 39, the Black brick style effect table top with the chrome stand – gorgeous tables!

  23. Shenaz Tamhane Says:

    I am very much interested in item 55

  24. Anne Says:

    Table 5, its something. How much is it?

  25. Trish Says:

    Hello, can you tell me where I can buy table 44 (the one where you can see the flower base) and table 50? Are they available in Canada?

  26. Tiffany Says:

    Hi there, can you tell me the manufacturer of table # 6, 8 and 31? Thanks!

  27. Myra Says:

    Very interested in making a purchase but how do I find the producer of the table pictured 2 and 40?

  28. Sandra Says:

    What a wonderful collection. I’d especially like information on image # 53 and, if possible for #14, #22, #31 also.
    Thank you in advance!

  29. jordao gourgel Says:

    I am looking to buy dinner sets table, could you send me a quote on your products?
    Where is it from?

  30. edward Says:

    hi, iwant to ask if u have other office glass table design like #24
    and if you do have please send all design to my email and the price for each..
    do you accept made to order? thanks.. need it asap. thank you again and have a nice day..

  31. Mª Victoria Val del Olmo Says:

    Por favor, ¿pueden decirme el nombre del proveedor de la mesa de cristal nº10 con patas de acero?
    Necesito urgentemente medidas, precio y proveedor.
    Muchas gracias.

    Please can you tell me the name of the supplier of the glass table No. 10 with steel legs? Need urgent measures, price and dealer. Many thanks.

  32. leah habert Says:

    hi, I wanted to know where i could get the table with the tree branches… and is it available in a silver finish?

  33. Axelrod Says:

    These glass table top tables are impressive. Thanks a lot for rounding them up for this post. How does one look up where to find a certain table?

  34. Valerie Says:

    I’m interested in the table in image number 53

  35. john mercer Says:

    Can you tell me who makes item 50?


  36. jean fletcher Says:

    i am inquiring about item 25. price and are there different chairs for that set? It is lovely!!!

  37. Sivya Says:

    I would like to know the source for the following tables: 11,18,19,33,35,and 52.
    Thank you

  38. Sivya Says:

    I would like to know the sources for the following tables:
    11,18,19,33,35 and 52,

  39. renee Says:

    i am interested in the image #1 please furnish source, demensions and price

  40. joyce doria Says:

    Would you send me a listing of who makes/sells each of these tables? It would be so helpful if you did that on the site.

  41. Lyjan Says:

    I am interested in table 1 and 5, they are stylish.

  42. Carmen Says:

    I am interested in the dining table collection images 50, 42, 44 and very much in 48 of 56. Can you please tell me who produces them and where I can purchase these from?

  43. neha Says:

    the collection is awesome i am looking for a dinning table for my new house please tell me where can i order from the above design

  44. marlin pourkaldani Says:

    I am interested in the dining table collection image 25 . Can you please tell me who produces them and where I can purchase these from?
    Thank you,

  45. Ishu Says:

    Could you let me know where I could get my glass dinning table glass replaced as it has been cracked. The glass is bevel edge with granite souround.

  46. sue cook Says:

    Love the tables but not sure h9ow to get to details of prices and method to purchase.

  47. Priyanka Says:

    I would like to enquire regarding design no. 39. Kindly advise me on details on material used pricing with 6 chairs and where are you placed

  48. Suzanne Mandros Says:

    I am interested in prices. I dont see table numbers to reference. Difficult site to use. Please contact me.

  49. Jean Marc Berube Says:

    Re: 55 DR Tables. I would appreciate knowing the manufacturers of the following Table images:

    Images number 2; 19; 20; 31; 37 and 52.

    Tghank you so much.

    Marc Berube

  50. Jose Says:

    Can you please send me manuf. for all the tables above?
    Best, J

  51. Jessica Says:

    Hello, I am also interested in table #25. Can you (or anyone on this site) tell me who manufactures it? Thank you.

  52. Eric Fonsecac Says:

    I would like to start a business of glass furniture in India.

  53. Isobel Klaus Says:

    I am interested in the first table base shown on this page. I would like to know where this base can be purchased and how much it costs. Also, if you know the specific specifications for this table base as to how much weight it can hold and what dimension of glass it can hold. I already have a glass top that I would like to use. Thank you

  54. darryl Says:

    Hi I am interested in the 4th one from the top with double v type bases and extendable glass . who is the manufacturer and what is their web address thanks

  55. C Becker Says:

    Please send information on tables so that I can contact people concerned.
    Thank you

  56. al Says:

    Hi, I have been searching for dinning table and i’m interested in one of the dinning tables you have but I cant find the price or I dont know how to order or get further information. There is no name that I tell u which one I’m interested in but it’s base wood and glass top also in this page is 5th one from top. Do u guys have any store in Chicago? Please send me the address if you do. Please let me know how to order it?


    Designs are too good

  58. Millie Frieden Says:

    what is the cost and size of #5…..color of wood? thanks!

  59. Indu Says:

    how can I get the glass top dinning tables
    where to buy them

  60. Deep Says:

    Please send manufacturer details for the following image numbers:
    2, 6, 7, 8, 15, 17, 41, 42, 51

  61. summer Says:

    I like image 7 and 8 of 56. Please let me know how I can inquire about these tables further.

  62. summer Says:

    I like image 7 and 8 of 56. please send info on how to order

  63. Dee Says:

    please let me know where and how to purchase tables 1,2,4,6&7.

    need quotes for thm as well

    thanks Dee

  64. Dawn Says:

    Looking for Dining Table

  65. CAROLINA Says:

    I would like to know the sources for the following tables

  66. Patrise Says:

    I was goggling glass top table bases. This site was absolutely what I was looking for; however, I can’t find pricing or ordering info. What am I missing? There must be some button that brings up that info. Thanks, Patrisa

  67. Dorene Says:

    Interested in 2 different glass table arrangements

    1. tiel blue cube base

    2. large round or egg-shapped center base.

    What sizes are available?

  68. sukeshi pandey Says:

    the designs of the dining tables are absolutely awesome
    the glass top and the bottom are very fantastic i really loveed them
    but according to me most of the designs are not to be availed by the crowd so a simple ones should also be displayed

  69. Nathalie Says:

    Hi, I would like to know if table number 1 out of the 56 is available in Canada? How much does it cost or who is the designer of this table?
    Is there a website where I could purchase it?

  70. Ethan C. Says:

    The designs are great and i am inspired. There are many great designers out there and i hope there will be more new stuffs coming out soon. Keeping everyone updated with better interiors!

  71. Chris Says:

    I would like to receive info for table 22. Where I can purchase table 22.

  72. mary anne mckearan Says:

    I am interested in the glass top round table with the metal flower base.
    Can you help? I recently saw on Hgtv’s Design Inc. series a makeover of a bedroom that happened to be the neighbor of the designer, Sarah Richardson. Sarah found these
    great small side table that were a metal base lily motif with a glass top. I can’t find a
    way in on the sites to ask about them. Can you help with that as well?

  73. Steve Nedelman Says:

    I’m interested In table 50
    Can you supply me information?

  74. Cliff Turner Says:

    Can you send me more information about table 6.

  75. India Christian Says:

    I’m interested in table 20 of 56, wood sculpture with round glass top and metal base. What is the cost and who do I contact for ordering?

  76. Shenaz Says:

    Please send me contact details for purchasing table No 55. The design of bronze leaf motif on blue. Thanks a lot.



  78. huditian Says:


  79. ziba Says:

    I’m interested in table 5 of 36. What is the exact size of the glass and the cost and who do I contact for info?


  80. Vibha Says:

    Can you email me where I can purchase one of these tables?

  81. Marcella Says:

    Can you tell me where I can purchase the table with the gold branches.

  82. Rick Says:

    I’m trying to find out where I can get information on purchasing the glass-top dining table that has the base with the (iron?) branch look.

  83. joanna Says:

    nice !
    I like the the design so much.

  84. joanna Says:

    I like the design

  85. Geoff Says:

    I would like to know where I could obtain the glass topped dining table with the multi coloured base please and the cost if possible.

  86. emily sobrevilla Says:

    i’d like to see more of a 4-seater glass dining tables that you have.kindly send me the pics and the costs.

  87. Lisa Ogle Says:

    Can you let me know where I can purchase the round glass table with the tree branch legs (second image from the top). Thank you.

  88. Brandy Newsome Says:

    Please send me manufacture’s info for the tables above.


  89. pankaj rai Says:

    can you let me know from where i could purchase these items & to whom should i contact. Thanks.

  90. ED Says:

    Please send a free catalog for your dining, living room sets. And waterfalls if you have them please, TY!

  91. jflebotte Says:

    Could you please give me information on tables 2, 14, 15, 16, 36, and 46? I am trying to source for a project asap. Thank you so much.

  92. jflebotte Says:

    tables 2, 14, 15, 16, 36 and 46…Could you please email me information/specs of these? Thank you

  93. Rotsen Furniture Says:

    Missing some solid wood bases for the glass tops… But nice selection.

  94. paul cabral Says:

    I would like the details and cost for tables 26, 33, and 37. Also, where they are available. Thank you.

  95. joanna ferguson Says:

    Would you please send me a price list for all of the items listed.

  96. Robert Ingham Says:

    Please can you give me some information on cost / sizes / where to purchase on the following – 23 / 18 / 38 / 32.


  97. paul cabral Says:

    Details and where to purchase tables, glass-top # 26, 33, 37


  98. Dina Wadai Says:

    interested in table n 2.

  99. Perri Feldman Says:

    I’d like more information about tables nos 11. 27, 35,42 and 50. Thanks

  100. shivraj pillay Says:

    please let me know where and how to purchase tables

  101. Carloa Barrios Says:

    Im interested and finding out whom is the manufaturer of the table # 24 and 23 or where i can purchase it thqnk you

  102. Allison Says:

    love the beautiful tables who supplies them and at what cost ?
    really like 42 what are the measurements

  103. Roz Says:

    Love the table collection and very glad I found your website. I’d like more information about #2. Thanks.

  104. krishma Says:

    I’m just wondering if the first image of the first table is available for sale?
    Whom would I need to contact?
    How much isit?


  105. Brenda Says:

    I would love to know how to get hold of tables from your list, I particularly love no 29, no34, and no50. Is there any chance that you could advise who to contact re these pieces, Thnaks

  106. Reena Says:

    Kindly inform where and how to purchase furniture displayed on this page.

  107. Kishore Says:

    I would like to purchase some of the tables in large quantity.
    kindly send me the address and the price of these products ASAP.

  108. Maryam Says:

    i am interested on table #1 and i would like to know about the place and price of it. i will be appreciated if you could inform me.

  109. Joe Says:

    Would like as much info as possible regarding table 52 of 56. Thank you!

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