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60 Cool Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Thu, Sep 9, 2010 | Kid bedroom designs | By Mike

A cool teen bedroom design isn’t the simplest thing to do. Although here, on DigsDigs, we’re very passionate about it. We already showed you some interesting teen, boys and girls rooms but we always search for more. Teen bedrooms that you can find on pictures below are designed with furniture by big Italian furniture manufacturer, Corazzin group. They mostly are very thoughtful and stylish. Interesting furniture solutions allow to create uncluttered spaces where teens could study, sleep and meet with friends. In case you need some ideas to design bedroom for your growing kid, you definitely can learn something from these pictures.

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Old Comments

  1. Susan Says:

    hmmmm. These all seem so cold and look like funked up hospital rooms for kids.

  2. aj Says:

    Seriously, those are not 60 different designs. They’re just the same rooms from different angles. It made me feel queasy looking at the whole gallery :(

  3. Kalsoom Khan Says:

    I love you’re boys bedroom designs. Please can you send me a brochure to my address:
    6 sawery Place
    BD5 0DA

  4. Cadence Says:

    Those are nice designs :3

    I only wish my room was that big.
    then I’d finally have a place for all my stuff @v@

  5. Melanie Says:

    i agree with u all!!!!!

  6. lulu Says:

    These designs are kinda cool but the beds look extremely uncomfortable and tiny. They look like cotts. The room are a bit similar but the designs and colors are interesting

  7. Pikobelo Says:

    cool, but that 60 was a waste of space really cause it’s mostly the same,but that’s alright. The room’s nice but the beds are so small and not so comfortable i guess and that is to mostly of the other teen bedrooms.

  8. Annaahaa Says:

    I like these teen room designs, but some look like they are for children.
    Some beds look really small too.
    But the colours and architecture are very nice and I like the furniture.

    These gave me a huge help in designing my room, letting me try new styles and taking colour risks.
    So thank you for putting these pictures!! :)

  9. ????? Says:

    these rooms are soo cool! i wish i could have them all!

  10. Suzy Says:

    Umm.. okay. First thing, these are not all “different” designs, all they are, are the same patterns and “idea” at diferent angles and with different colors. Also, This aren’t very practical either. Seriously, come on! What growing child or teenager would want a room that has about the same amount of space as a small apartment. This rooms also seem so uptight and cold. Your room is supposed to be homey and cosy, am I right? I think there are a lot of negative things about these designs, but I have to agree with some people, they do look interesting, and I particularly like the “loft” beds. Any how, my opinion is stated.

  11. cnp Says:

    looks like a hospital or a prison and makes me sick.I would never let any child sleep in those,its not even 60 designs its just different colors.

  12. #@!!!#%#$^$%&%^*4 Says:

    I really like these bedrooms they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  13. Becs Says:

    I want to live in one of these rooms!

  14. Amanda03 Says:

    These rooms are very cool. But these designs are not ideal for everyday living. No body wants a plain room that lacks creativity, but i do understand what they are trying to do here. Kids need more “pizzazz” or whatever you want to call it. If i lived in one of these rooms i would feel pressured not to have fun because if i messed it up, it would lose the feeling of a solitary room.

  15. Amanda03 Says:

    These rooms are nicely organized but they are not ideal for everyday living, they lack variety, character, and inspiration. these rooms look more for show and tell than to be actually lived in. On the other hand, these rooms are well put together.
    Not to put others opinions down, so please don’t get offended. There’s a place for your opinion as well.

  16. greg tulas Says:

    cool, but requires a bunch of expensive stuff

  17. joe Says:

    ummm it looks like the beds r from a hospital!!!

  18. yazmin Says:

    love them all

  19. Nicole Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I like to have room to toss and turn. I really do not want to fall off my bed.

  20. You Don't Need To Know My Name Says:

    I would love to have a bedroom that big but they just look like Fucked up hospital!

  21. cowwy Says:

    they look bcool mabe for 1 day but it will look ugly the next and that must cost a forchene

  22. freddie Says:

    /: .. These rooms look cold && uncomfortable.. almost like jails cells.. & the beds are wayyy to small, I mean who could fit on them.. 2 year olds ?! ^.- … They kinda remind me of a hospital room.. :| .. Why would I wanna walk into a hospital room everyday ? eh ?! ..

  23. Amanda Says:

    I like the shelves and everything but the color and the beds otherwise these rooms are extreamly plain

  24. Erika Says:

    Its all to modern im a teen and i would not want any of these rooms to be mine PBTeen is wayy better then here the colors are okay but these rooms are just to much

  25. i dunno Says:

    Cool, but not for everyday living

  26. Danika Says:

    Where do you buy this stuff ? its so awesome!

  27. Emmy Says:

    where do you find those cool loft beds i really need one

  28. Andrew Says:

    I love the last one :x

  29. Kaitie Says:

    I love these designs but my room is way too small for them. :( But if O had a room that big, i’d totally do these designs!

  30. aliya Says:

    hey the 4th bed room is mine ………..
    heh heh cooooooooooool

  31. Danny Says:



  32. Savannah Says:

    I LOVE ALL of these desighns but i would never be able to do that with my room (sadly) but thx for the recomendations :)

  33. mya Says:

    these rooms look really cool but they are kinda unrealistic

  34. kaj Says:

    these all look exactly the same and look like prison cells!

  35. Eri Says:

    Ok you people are not getting the point…these are IDEAS for insperation not here look at this and recreate it down to the last line on the wood floor!! For those of you saying “its not something a growing teen would want” are most likely not growing teens….i am a 14 year old girl and i think these rooms are awesome!! organized confortable and functional. For people saying its like a mental hospital please shut up….i have been in a mental hospital and they are rooms the size of a large closet with beds that are screwed into the floors small dresses that are screwed into the floor and everything is white not color no nothing so please think about what your saying before you start talking out your ass

  36. chloe Says:

    where is the price list for your beds can you send me the one for the blue teenage loft bed and the grey one thanks

  37. Kadie Freeman Says:

    The idea behind the shape and practicality is great for teens, but the colors, accesories and space don’t work. A teen needs space and it would be great to create a bedroom that is realistic for everyday teens. BTW no teen wants a stuffed dragon on their bed.

  38. eli* Says:

    Im not a millionair:/

  39. Julia Says:

    I have to say these are the coldest, most uncomfortable and poorly designed rooms I have ever seen. The furniture looks super cheap. Thsi looks like Ikea gone really, really bad.

  40. joanna Says:

    please send me a brochure…where can i purchase this equipment

    best regards


  41. Nikki Says:

    These rooms are for stuck up rich kids there cold and they look like hospital rooms if I had one of these rooms I’d b scared to touch anything and mess up it’s the perfectness I would love to have room that big though!

  42. laura merlo Says:

    where can you buy this kids furniture in the US?
    thanks laura

  43. shosho Says:

    thus is the best rooms i have ever saw they are suitable for all kids ages starting from 2-10

  44. Taylor Says:

    Wow…..I’m a tee, and i am speaking for every teen i know by saying: these are the worse teen bedroom ideas ever, i mean how would you sleep on those tiny beds? and whats with the unrealistic big room and everything being all square? I like more fun and vintagey stuff, but i mean this is just weird and no teen i know would want these boring rooms! soooo you guys get an F on all 60 rooms!

  45. Liza Says:

    Being a teen myself, i would have to say that i really love these room ideas while I’m not so fond of others and their qualities. There are some great color combos in there, and i really like the modern, understated, minimalist style. But these rooms look like living in them could be quite a pain. The beds are tiny, and i stay in one spot all night, but it would still be too small. Also, in a few of these designs, everything is squished together, and would need to be spread out more for a successful living space. However,I do really love some of them, and i’m really a big fan of these big box-shelf displays on the wall. Nicely done, but could use a few improvements :)

  46. jim bobber Says:

    i think that the beds look tiny and they are all kind of the same idea! personaly i’d like to see different rooms. I’m a teenager myself just scrolling into all different websites to get ideas for my room and i must say i am not impressed! the beds look tiny so maybe yous could try to make different rooms with double beds? its just a suggestion…

  47. Adrian Says:

    Where do you buy the Amazing furniture in number 12???

  48. Niamh Says:

    They are ok, but alot of them have wheels on the bed legs, and that just looks like hospital beds… also, u need a room to sleep in, not to dance in; the beds, cabinets ect. are soo small that the rest of the room just looks empty even if it does have a carpet. Like the last one and some of the wardrobes though!! :-(

  49. funkyteen Says:

    these rooms give off a nice impression but they don’t have anything spesh abt them that make it nice 2 walk in2, im a teen and i have a room in the loft with annoying ceiling so i could never have those cool beds that r really high. what i;m thinking for my room which i hope to be getting redone for my bday is one wall black and white frames wallpaper (by graham and brown check it out on wallpaperking.co.uk), another 2 walls really funky stripes and on the 2 irratating slants that i have bcoz my room is in the loft plain white with colourful designs on abit like the shop desigual and they have really cool stuff on funkylittledarlings but its way 2 expensive but that type of thing. and the rest white or something light cos those areas r small like i have this random square expanding out of my room thats quite small and im not sure wat the pint of it is
    then a cool color carpet and a diff color curtains both that match with the colours on the stripes and designs and a colourful beangag and duvet cover and lots of wacky cushions and a white cool shaped desk with some colourful designs stenciled on with spray paint and a cool mirror im not sure where it will go tho and il paint the shelves that r already there in a cool colour!
    i just wish we could afford it tho! anyway if any1 likes my idea pls use it and enjoy!

  50. Joanna Says:

    These rooms r pretty cool but the beds r 2 tiny and some of them have got wheels!! Vrything is picture perfect but most of us would like a bedroom in which we r comfortable and can mess around in. Color schemes were mega good. Pls dnt feel offended, bt I think vry1 has a right to their opinion.

  51. Yasmin Akhrarova Says:

    really nice.. i want themm!

  52. Emma Says:

    These rooms are not well designed at all.
    Firstly, they are not bedrooms! They are the size and layout of a studio apartment, no teen has a room with floor to ceiling windows, on the ground floor, that lacks any privacy a all.
    I am a teenager and I would never live in one of these bedrooms, I hate wooden floors, I think carpet it nicer in a bedroom, and it feels more warm and comfy, but the way these rooms are designed with wooden floors, and marble Walls like the Walls in number 4, make the room look like a funky hospital room. Some.hinge about it looks completely sterile and cold, teens like warm comfy rooms and never keep them that clean.

  53. Jamielee Says:

    These bedrooms look terribly bland and some look like something you would find at a hospital

  54. Not good!!! Says:

    I also agree, I got kinda queasy!! OUCH way to expensive also!

  55. Susan Says:

    ok i like SOME of them but agreed with the other susan they look like hospital rooms :P

  56. Lauren Says:

    I love the bedroom ideas I hope i can use one of them :)

  57. Destiny Says:

    i just love these rooms they r so beautiful if i had a million dollars to re decorate my room i would do some of this stuff. but i have a tiny room with built in closet so and i have no room waatsoever for any of this stuff

  58. Molly Says:

    These are terrible! These are for little kids, not teens. Teens don’t like this crap. I’d know because I am one. These are for like… toddlers.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    I like the ideas but the beds are too small. If I get a room like that, I will keep everything except the bed and put a bigger bed instead. I would probably not get that exact furniture, but furniture that resembles these ideas and I would also spread it out.

  60. ibk Says:

    wow this rooms look all technical are sure it wont cause injuries or discomfort

  61. ibk Says:

    seriously i have been on your other sites but so i can say you guys are the best so creative and imaginative your skills ore excellent i didn’t really check out this page because i am just 10 and i like your kid bedrooms more yes my name is a secret because my mum doesn’t want me to post comments with my real name my no:+2348184641198 dig digs your the best

  62. Alec Says:

    Cool Teen Bedroom design ideas? Okay, no. They all looked the same. They aren’t cool,and I have never seen any teenager with these. They look cold and impersonal. No help for my, as a teen what so ever. Two thumbs down. Try again.

  63. katie sue Says:

    I think the rooms hav god ideas but are unrealistic and weird. why would you put a brick wall in a room? I mean it is just a accident waiting to happen.

  64. A.N.H Says:

    I like them but I wouldn’t make them in my room

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