62 Awesome Outdoor Fire Bowls To Add A Cozy Touch To Your Backyard

Water features are a must have for any garden that can accommodate them because everybody loves swimming in a pool, we love the sounds of falling water like a water wall and chill on a hot day that is rising from a garden pond. But fire is also needed! Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and fire bowls add a cozy touch to any party or meal, they are ideal for illuminating the space and warm up a little bit. Fire bowls, especially portable ones, are amazing for making your patio cozy, making your meal special and creating a romantic atmosphere. Stone, metal, glass and concrete are the most usable materials; you may choose gas or wood to stoke. Combine a water feature and a fire bowl to create a sharp contrast. Below you’ll find some beautiful fire bowls by modern designers, enjoy and get inspired!

Source: pinterest, digsdigs

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