Amazing Formula-1 Inspired Ayrton Bed By Ora-Ito

If you are a fan of races and race cars you’ll definitely like this piece. Ora-Ito presented the Frighetto collection with a Formula-1 inspired bed, Ayrton, it’s a piece targeted at just some public, for those who understand. The bed was named after the most famous Formula-1 race driver, Ayrton Senna, world champion. The storage spaces have the form of a Formula 1 circuit. The bed is made from wood and polyurethane. Why polyurethane? Because it’s the material that’s widely used in the Formula-1 race cars, and not only them. The design is rather masculine, though the author added two very practical storage compartments and bedside tables into the structure itself. The piece is available in two combinations: black and white and white and red. Fans of races, get ready to order!

Source: homedit, ora-ito

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