Amazing Violet Dining Room – Sinfonia 14 by Moda

Italian company Moda offers an awesome furniture set to create a great dinning room. The fashionable style of this furniture, Neo-baroque, is characterized by matching antique and ultra modern shapes and finishes. Furniture in such style looks very original and could help to create a fascinating room design. The dinning set by Moda consists of elements from its collection Sinfonia 14 and is a great product in such an interesting style. In additional to elegant shapes this furniture attracts by very bright violet color which ideally combines with white lacquer. The round table in this collection deserves an especial mention. It has very elegant sculptural base and amazing glass top with the violet pattern. It looks the best with a beautiful lamp from the same collection and easy could become the heart of a violet dining room. More information you could find on Moda site.

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