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Anglerfish Chair With A Big Lamp

Sat, Sep 24, 2011 | Chairs | By Kate

Some deep sea creatures, such as the Anglerfishes, emit light from their escas to attract prey. Inspired by their form and means of interaction, the designers at Ontwerpers have designed the organically shaped Light Up chair. This unusual shape reminds of the fish by design and it’s very convenient in using as you can turn on the light when you are reading; the chair itself is very ergonomic and your back would never be tired. I love the color that resembles of some fish scales. Such a piece can be put inside and outside, but in the garden at night the lamp would attract insects just like the fish attracts the food.

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    1. Light-Up Chair Reminds You of the Anglerfish Says:

      [...] Very convenient and useful, you can unwind and take a nap on the chair. If you are someone who is into a lot of reading, this cozy chair will let you turn on the light. The makers claim that it has a very ergonomic design with comfy features. This piece goes well with indoor and outdoor setup and comes with fish-scales color giving a sense of deep water. But beware of putting this in your garden as the light might draw insects to your home – just as the Anglerfish attracts food! All said, this completely minimalist chair could be a perfect addition for your reading room. [...]

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