Apartment In Fusion Of Various Styles

This apartment is located in Stockholm, Sweden, at the top floor so it has wonderful views of the port. The owners decided to make the interior a mixture of different styles that are not usually combined: pop-art, modern classics and Provence style. As it’s a Scandinavian interior, the main color is white; the kitchen is made in modern classical style with several pop-art details, there is some furniture in Provence style – so light and delicate. The bedroom is also romantic thanks to the wallpapers and exquisite bed. The kid’s room is funny and bright with pink touches as it’s a girl’s room. The style is modern while there is still a romantic antique bed for the kid. I love the balcony – it’s decorated with great taste and is a fantastic place to enjoy the views. The chic of this apartment is in details that give it a special charm.

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