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Awesome Kid’s Kitchen Design Of A Vintage Dresser

Tue, Jul 17, 2012 | Kitchen designs | By Kate

How can you design a kid’s kitchen? First of all, there should be nothing dangerous or not eco-friendly for your kid. Second, there should be lots of bright colors and it should be like a true one. Here’s a great idea – take a dresser and paint it with some soft color. Sink may be made of a lasagne dish, buy some cups, utensils and a bread board. Don’t forget some recycled taps and knobs, the cupboards may be filled with empty food packets and a junk store tea set. The hob was made with CDs and silver-sprayed wooden knobs. Such a kitchen would be a great idea for any toddler and will give him or her many hours of play and many calm and quiet hours to you!

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  1. Alisha Chapman Says:

    How much is this kitchen? I love this!!!

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