Azerbaijani Rugs Bring Some Uniqueness To Your Interior

Do you have a lot of real unique items in your house? I suppose, you don`t. And have you ever thought, that your rug can be really unique? Yes, the rug lying on your floor! The small country in the Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan, has the great traditions of weaving rugs and carpets. The original patterns and color schemes were formed for centuries. Nowadays, when everything is made at factories, with soulless machine tools, you shouldn`t miss the opportunity of getting the item for your dwelling which is still keeps the warmness of human`s hands. Even the yarn for them is handmade. The original Azerbaijani rug made of sheep`s wool is a luxury item and it can make your interior gorgeous and unrepeatable.

These rugs can be used for hanging on the wall as well! In many countries a wall-hanging rug is the symbol of wealth and well-being. Hand-made Caucasians rugs are not cheap, but they worth it. Decorate your house with the beautiful and unique item from the faraway land!

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