Beautiful Sapphire Blue Chandelier Of Butterflies

Eco-friendly and economic solutions are very popular today. Here’s one of them, it’s called Virtue of Blue Chandelier by Dutch design house Demakersvan. The chandelier is made of sapphire-blue solar panel cells, the piece is intrinsically self-sustaining as it absorbs the energy of daylight to fuel its own illumination. The cells were cut in the shapes of four different butterflies. The bulb in the center is hand-blown, its iridescent wings glinting in the light. Why were the butterflies chosen? These insects also power their own bodies, using their wings to absorb the rays of the sun, in turn raising and sustaining their own body temperatures to that which is necessary for their survival. The design is very romantic and beautiful. Such energy-efficient and eco-friendly design would fit many interiors and the beautiful sapphire blue brings calmness and peace. I admire the beauty and functionality of this piece!

Source: demakersvan

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