Black Freestanding Bathtubs By Gruppo Treesse

White is a traditional color of a bathroom and many people truly think that it is a very good color for all sanitary ware. Although if you are one of such people who don’t want the usual bathroom, which you could see in the most of houses, and you also dare to be different then you should to check out black bathtubs by Gruppo Tresse. This is a well known Italian company, which has a lot of unique solutions for bathroom designing. Below you could see several freestanding bathtubs from its amazing collection such as Nina, Epoca Egg, Epoca Impero and Vision. Among them there are as very beautiful and refine models as more functional and modern ones. The most luxurious black models could be decorated by gold or silver finishes or Swarovski Crystals. All of them can be placed as the a centre of the room as near the wall. In any case they are capable to become an awesome and attractive part of any luxury bathroom and amaze everybody. You could find more information about these black bathtubs and other freestanding models available in different colors on Gruppo Treesse site.

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