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Brilliant Lamps – Mosaic By Marchetti Illuminazione

Sat, May 30, 2009 | Floor lamps, Lamps | By Margarita

Italian company Marchetti Illuminazione has a strong link to modern environments. It is specialized only in lighting of different space and offers a lot of modern and even luxury lamps. Mosaic is its latest collection consisted of floor, ceiling and wall lamps. All these lamps are as elegant as only contemporary items can be. Each of them could not only light any room, but also become an amazingly brilliant decoration. During these lamps creation designers have renovated an ancient mosaic technique and combined it with contemporary technologies and design. Cylindrical base is completely covered by small semitransparent mirror triangles and from bellow enriched by a charming cascade of Bohemia crystals. Light reflects from every crystals and makes a fascinating play of colours which looks like a rainbow and give a lot of light. If you like this lamp you could visit Marchetti Illuminazione site and get more information.

Brilliant Lamps Mosaic By Marchetti Illuminazione

Brilliant Lamps Mosaic By Marchetti Illuminazione

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