Carpet And Lounge In One – New Tendency In Carpet Design

We all got used to the carpets that are usually used to add some coziness and additions to the design. We can sometimes sit on them or eve lie, especially children love to do it. This carpet is an absolutely new tendency. Karpett by Tarkett is a very creative thing: it’s a large roll of Tarkett flooring that can be used as a bench transformed into a seating / lounging area. The designers have called it “a comfort dispenser”. It allows for flexible solutions for usual living activities. Your kids can play on it, here your guests can rest if you don’t have much space, or you can lie here during a long conversation or reading a book. You can easily take this roll to your garden and have a picnic. A carpet and a lounge in one is cool, isn’t it?

Source: trendir, tarkett

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